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Sustainable solutions in supporting welfare


is an operating environment where equal and accessible, comprehensive proactive services promoting health and welfare are secured for different ages, regardless of place of residence.

The background is a sustainability mindset, where everyone has the opportunity to live a good life in Lapland, using technology and data in a versatile way.

Effective operating models and smart solutions in customer and client work

We support the creation of functional and effective services that promote health and welfare for the people in Lapland, which supports the ideology of a sustainable operating model.

Services, whether remote or local, consider the needs of the vulnerable in particular.

New services, technologies and smart environments to improve health and functional capacity

We are involved in developing and promoting the extensive functional capacity and health of the people in Lapland through various independent, proactive solutions that can be used to monitor and anticipate changes in welfare or health.

Technology supports the active everyday life of people of different ages. We support health and well-being, taking into account the opportunities the environment offers.