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Forestry and energy

Renewable energy systems

Usolutions and services based on renewable natural resources can be used to manage decentralised energy production and consumption and to coordinate different energy systems. Intelligent systems help to plan and control the energy use of the property.

The focus is on renewable energy and fuel sources such as forest bioenergy, biogas, geothermal energy, hydrogen, solar energy and wind power. The development also takes into account the side streams of the forest industry, as well as the better use of wood raw material and new applications.

The aim is to improve the availability of raw materials, the integrity of the supply chain and the sustainability of the logistics chain. Intelligent digital solutions can be used to produce, compile, combine and visualise information to support decision-making and optimise the control of energy systems.

Sustainable forestry and logging

We invest in the sustainability of forestry and logging, taking into account the special characteristics of the northern region and climate change. The focus of development is on securing efficient wood supply for the forest and sawmill industry, taking into account biodiversity and nature management.

By using digital solutions, we produce efficient operating models and services, as well as new information to support decision-making on land and forest use, and for the benefit of the livelihoods related to northern forests. At the heart of the development is the production of location-independent and automated methods for the use of business and industry.

Food and energy security

The focus is on developing regional food security as well as economically viable and sustainable primary production and processing. The targets include natural products, new crops and methods, and the promotion of resource-efficient meat production and fisheries. The cross-cutting theme is the circular economy and digitalisation of operations.

Energy security will be enhanced through the use of renewable energy sources and energy storage. The solutions use forest bioenergy, farm biogas, solar power, geothermal energy, wind power and hydrogen. We use new digital solutions, for example, to support regional contingency plans, anticipate energy security and optimise energy use.