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Creative Forerunner
Responsible Arctic University Community

The Lapland University Consortium (LUC) is a leader in the area of arctic research and competence. The LUC is a community formed by two universities with a particular focus on global arctic responsibility, sustainable tourism, future services, and governing distances.

Our mission is to produce new knowledge and competence from the arctic perspective so that life in the Arctic can continue to thrive in the future: we strive to ensure prosperity and well-being in this area as both individuals and communities are encouraged to take responsibility, and our global networks focused on arctic issues are harnessed to benefit our strategic aims.

The Lapland University community operates in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable manner in constant dialogue with our stakeholders and partners. We offer our students an inspiring learning environment characterized by digital solutions, connections to working life and the economy, and participation in research and education networks.


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The Lapland University Consortium (LUC) focuses on research on arctic and northern change and knowledge of the Arctic environment. The following three strategic choices guide and inform the consortium’s work:

Global arctic responsibility

We are working together to identify and govern change in all its complexities: social, cultural, ecological, industrial, and technological. Moreover, we do research on indigenous peoples such as the Sámi, and develop solutions to achieve sustainable development.

 Sustainable tourism

Our objective is to identify, predict and govern the ecological, societal and economic impact of arctic tourism and to develop solutions that promote sustainability.

Future services and reachability

We strive to identify future service needs and to design and develop service solutions in response to the requirements regarding reachability, equity in education, and well-being in sparsely populated areas.


National and international networks

Our national and international networks enable and ensure impact of our strategic choices and the successful implementation of the LUC vision.

Well-being and a strong sense of community

The LUC has a programme promoting well-being and a sense of community, aiming to support the everyday well-being of students and staff and to encourage interaction, dialogue and an open operational culture.

Developing education

Our education development programme responds to national development needs (expanding degree education, digital service environments, continuous learning and internationalisation) and promotes teaching and learning cooperation across the Lapland University Consortium.

Shifting competence and structural development

The strategy is implemented through ongoing development of the Lapland University Consortium with a particular focus on leadership and management, human resources, and new digital solutions.