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Safety Team

The Safety Team of Lapland UAS manages for example the safety objectives, safety policy, safety communication principles, topical safety events, safety budget-related issues and proposals, safety instructions, and safety implementation principles at the university.

The team’s activity leans primarily on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other acts and statutes concerning teaching tasks.

Specialists and student representatives are invited to the team meetings when necessary and depending on the addressed issue. The safety specialist prepares the meetings and presents the matters to be discussed.

The Safety Team also accepts safety-related proposals that can be emailed to turvallisuus@lapinamk.fi. The proposals are processed in the team’s monthly meeting or immediately, if necessary.

Members of the Safety Team

  • Reijo Huhtala, Safety Specialist
  • Päivi Ervasti, Lawyer
  • Tiina Huhtalo, Head of Human Resources
  • Hannele Kauppila, Manager, Future Health Care Services
  • Pekka Latvala, Head of Property Management
  • Ulla Okkonen, Cmmunication Manager
  • Petri Pälli, Lecturer, Occupational safety and health representative
  • Mikko Rintala, Senior Specialist
  • Marika Saranne, Manage, Digital Solutions
  • Maria Sipilä, Social worker, Team Leader
  • Timo Vuori, ICT Specialist

Preparedness Team

Our task is to get prepared for crises and to prevent them. By preparing for crises we endeavour to minimise damage and harm and to prevent the situation from escalating.
The Preparedness Team instructs people and organises and leads activities in crisis situations. Each member of the UAS community is obligated to act according to the instructions of the team.

Members of the Preparedness Team

  • Riitta Rissanen, Rector
  • Ari Konu, Director of Administration
  • Hannele Keränen, Director of School
  • Hannu Kähkölä, Director of School
  • Hannu Gyldén, Director of Sustainability
  • Reijo Huhtala, Safety Specialist
  • Jouko Tiirola, Development Director
  • Tiina Huhtalo, Head of Human Resources
  • Pekka Latvala, Head of Property Management
  • Ulla Okkonen, Communication Manager
  • Elina Holm, Executive Manager, the Student Union Rotko