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Smart Built Environment

ICT and digital technologies enable the smart management of the built environment in various phases of the lifecycle of buildings, helping save resources, enabling the reduction of the carbon footprint and bringing user orientation to the fore.

Smart built environment refers to our living environment, which consists of buildings as well transport, community technology and energy networks and is constructed in a sustainable manner, making use of digital technologies.

Sustainable construction means managing the lifecycle impacts of construction. It takes into account the goals and environmental effects of land use as well as the financial and social effects.

Research, development and innovation

The cross-cutting special expertise of the Smart Built Environment expertise group is environmental expertise. Environmental expertise includes construction in the climate conditions of northern regions, distance management and measurement technology, as well as controlled environmental expertise in different environments.

The competence group is responsible for surveying technology and engineering education in surveying, construction and civil engineering, as well as construction master’s degree education at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. It conducts research, development and innovation work, maintains competence and learning environments, engages in service business and training sales, and organizes specialization training. The areas of expertise are especially:

  • Energy efficiency and low carbon in Arctic conditions
  • User-oriented application of ICT in the built environment
  • Circular economy and life cycle technology in construction
  • Service concepts for the built environment for companies, technology prototypes, product design
  • Renewable energy solutions and IoT
  • Digital workflows and building information modeling in the built environment
  • Customized environmental testing
  • Wood construction
  • Building health expert training (RTA)

LUC Strategy 2030

R&D Projects

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