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Participation and Functional Capacity

Competence to support and strengthen people’s safe everyday life, independent functional capacity, participation and life management in an ethically sustainable manner.

Understanding of the well-being of individuals and communities.

Research, development and innovation

Future solutions for supporting the agency and functional capacity of people include:

  • socio-cultural competence
  • developing wellness technology.

The development of competence emphasises multi-party involvement, customer and case management skills as well as the utilisation of new technical solutions.
The competence group’s common development focus is diverse rehabilitation. Our development work emphasises strong working life partnership and multiple provision of services.

LUC Strategy 2030

R&D Projects

You can filter our  projects using our project information search.

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Business services and staff training

Service solutions

A healthy work community is a sum of many things.

Lapland UAS provides companies and organisations with various tools for developing occupational well-being by means of high-quality, customisable service solutions and advanced development environment facilities.

Ms. Hanna Grönlund in Kemi campus
Ms. Christa Haataja in Rovaniemi campus


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Expertise group

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Partners and Networks

International networks

Nordic co-operation
Health Africa Development Co-operation Organisation

Domestic partners and networks

Toivola-Luotolan setlementti
Rovalan setlementti
Lapin kuntoutus Oy
Suvanto Care Oy
Majakka ry.

Green Care organisations
Public health care organisations
Health care companies
Vocational Colleges
Regional Council of Lapland
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment



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