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New Industry

The development of the Arctic is based on the Northern conditions, sustainable use of renewable natural resources and a low-carbon approach.

The industry’s production solutions, products and competition are transformed by digitalisation, flexible automation and artificial intelligence. At the same time, they create significant opportunities for growth and internationalisation.

We are seeking solutions and innovations spanning the entire value chain for the digitalisation and product development needs of the process and mining industries. Together with large and medium-sized industrial companies, researchers and students.

Lapland aims to become a pioneer in bioeconomy and circular economy and increase the number of SMEs in the sector. The competitiveness and production capacity require constant reinvention and new innovations.

Lapland has well-trained and skilled workforce, so we have what it takes to become a pioneer in the manufacturing industry and service business.

Research, development and innovation

Our innovative approach to the industry is known thanks to our competence in operation and maintenance and material research in particular.

We conduct applied research and piloting in operation and maintenance as well as the usability of materials. Computer-assisted measurement and modelling methods, virtualisation, circular economy, lifecycle management and industrial side streams are also among our strong points.

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development. We assess our own competence and highlight quality in our activities.
Our learning and development environments are up-to-date and diversely utilised in our teaching, RDI and service operations.

Our training emphasises the flexibility of study paths, a high-quality, working life-oriented course selection and modern teaching methods. Teaching, learning and training are central to all our activities. Engineers who receive a degree from one of our programmes have good professional skills and are ready to work in modern work environments.

The New Industry competence group is constantly developing in cooperation with partners, enabling constant learning in both RDI and training activities. We invest in partnerships and international relations, proving our competence by means of publications and references.

LUC Strategy 2030

R&D Projects

You can filter our projects using project information search.

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Business services and staff training

Technical product development and measurement and testing services

The product development process turns market needs and technical opportunities into saleable products. Lapland UAS can support you in this process in many ways by offering productised measurement, testing and product development services.


Electronics and Material Laboratory
Energy reviews of buildings
Cold/condition testing facilities
Material usability testing
Software Engineering Laboratory
Optical measuring technology
Embedded systems
Electrical laboratories
Industrial maintenance; analyses and preliminary reports


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Expertise group

The New Industry competence group recognises the dynamics of its operating environment and the related challenges and opportunities. Its connections to working life are strong, and its activities are visible, open and influential.

Introduction of the group is coming soon.



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