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Digital Solutions

Business models, strategies and operating methods relying on digital technologies improve the competitiveness of companies and the whole of society.

In a digital ecosystem, distances lose their meaning as people and equipment are constantly connected to each other.

The efficient operations and competitiveness of companies in quickly digitalising operating environments.

Research, development and innovation

The group’s key competence lies in the development of digital solutions and their utilisation in business. This involves the skilful development of autonomous and smart systems, digital user interfaces and experiences as well as a strong understanding of the opportunities of digital business.

We help companies in:
- designing smart, joint and gamified systems
- making use of the resources offered by digital ecosystems
- analysing business information and data
- reinventing customer and user experiences.

We are also capable of developing, selling and marketing new kinds of service concepts, products and services.

In terms of technical development, the competence group has knowledge of:
- game engines and real-time 3D environments (including XR solutions)
- robotics platforms
- data analytics
- web and mobile development
- loT sensors and data communications networks.

The group has the data security, back-end and artificial intelligence skills required for the development.

We can also handle research and development activities in visual arts and smoothly navigate between digital and traditional visual art. The group has strong visual skills, the ability to engage in interaction regardless of time and place as well as to make use of digital visual arts tools and environments.

Our research focuses are the combination of smart systems and simulation/game technologies in the implementation of digital twins as well as the new kinds of business models and processes relating to digital twins.

LUC Strategy 2030

R&D Projects

You can filter our digitalisation promotion projects using our project information search.

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Expertise group

Digital Solutions is a multidisciplinary competence group providing training, research and pilots in the implementation of digital state-of-the-art solutions and their utilisation in business, technology development and visual arts.


Ms Marika Saranne, Tornio campus

Mr Heikki Konttaniemi, Rovaniemi campus

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Heikki Konttaniemi
p. 040 161 4521
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Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Rovaniemi campus
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96300 Rovaniemi

Marika Saranne
p. 050 461 1345
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Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tornio campus
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