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Lapland UAS strategy

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Arctic vitality!

We refine expertise and vitality from the strengths and opportunities of a changing operating environment to meet the needs of northern people and organisations.

With our areas of emphasis, we are pioneers in arctic expertise and an internationally recognised educator, developer and partner.

I am a seeker and a dreamer. I am a finder and a maker.
I am a secret and a shadow. I am an answer and knowledge.


Our profile is knowledge or the arctic environment

Knowledge of the Arctic environment refers to comprehensive management and utilisation of the conditions. Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions is at the core of the profile of Lapland UAS.

Success and wellbeing in the Arctic environment requires multidisciplinary expertise and a solution-oriented and open operating culture. Community spirit, an open atmosphere, efficiency and hospitality are some of the local strengths. There is an increasing demand for the know-how, education, research and development produced in Lapland due to the global interest that has turned towards the Arctic region.


Strategic areas of emphasis

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