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Security policy of Lapland UAS

Based on values with clear goals

The security policy of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences outlines the general goals safeguarding security, operating principles and responsibilities in the security operations.

The Lapland University of Applied Sciences is a nationally recognised expert in the Arctic and Nordic security conditions. National and international security partnerships are built by networking.

The Lapland University of Applied Sciences develops and maintains security, which has been selected as one of the strategic focus points of the university. Customer-oriented operations are used to respond to the different security needs and to promote everyday security in our own operations and in our operating environment.

The focus points of the security work ensuring an undisturbed functioning of the studying and working environment include creating a positive security culture through proactive security thinking as well as risk identification and management. The starting point is to anticipate accidents and dangerous situations and to prevent them as efficiently as possible. The anticipation and positive communications also strengthen the sense of security experienced by the students, personnel and visitors.

The security work of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences that abides by the responsibility principles promotes the well-being of the students and personnel, the quality and effectiveness of the teaching, research and development activities as well as the competitiveness of the university of applied sciences.

The best security practices are used to prevent and manage the risks that target the students, personnel, property, immaterial values and the operating environment. The operating method has a positive impact on the security and comfort of the university and the surroundings of its locations both locally and regionally.

Clearly managed

The security policy of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences is based on anticipatory security management based on risk management and crisis management competence. The overall responsibility for the security management lies with the university’s Vice Rector. The security group of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the location-specific security groups support the Vice Rector, Security Manager and managers of the competence areas in the management and implementation of security. The development of the security work is coordinated by the Security Manager.

The implementation responsibility is shared by the locations, their supervisors and all the employees in the scope required by their tasks. The personnel and students are provided security training, information events and rehearsals in order to give the appropriate tools to recognise danger and prevent accidents as well as to ensure a sufficient competence level in the case of accidents and dangerous situations.

Key partners in the security work of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences are the rescue services, police, municipalities, organisations responsible for occupational health and well-being, student and labour organisations and other educational establishments.

The detailed goals of the security operations are specified in the annual operating plan for security confirmed by the Rector. The detailed goals of the security work are reviewed annually.


The currency of the security policy is reviewed every four years. The security policy is also updated as necessary when there are essential changes in the conditions and goals. The security work of the university is developed through continuous improvement measures and by using feedback, internal and external inspections and audits.

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