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25.10.2021 8:00

Towards more applicant-friendly student selection

Student selection for Universities of Applied Sciences programmes conducted in English is reformed.

6.10.2021 14:00

Small travel companies tell their story

On 4 and 5 October, nearly twenty travel entrepreneurs met in Tornio to get help in telling their company’s story.

30.9.2021 9:00

Lapland UAS welcomes Inno4Sport Partners

Following a year of isolation, the Sports Faculty of Lapland UAS welcomed 2 members regions of the Inno4Sport initiative to visit Lapland.

6.9.2021 9:00

Smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility and green-energy transition

Energy ECS project, with 30 participants from eight European countries will pave the way for an emerging new European business and technology ecosystem aimed at tackling various energy related challenges for the future of mobility.

2.7.2021 11:00

Lapland UAS third in the performance comparison of universities of applied sciences

Top results especially in the areas of student feedback and employment, according to the indicators.

2.7.2021 11:00

The reputation of Lapland UAS assessed as second best among Finnish universities of applied sciences

The judgement of the general public states that the reputation of Lapland UAS is good across the board.

24.5.2021 10:00

Creating a tailor-made CEM strategy for post-pandemic market

Well-trained and dedicated staff is vital to providing a memorable and satisfying retail customer experience. The Master thesis by Jan Koskinen suggests that luxury retailers must embrace a memorable retail story if they wish to gain solid competitive advantage.

10.3.2021 8:00

First in Lapland: Arctic Development Environments Cluster gains Digital Innovation Hub status

The European Commission has approved the Arctic Development Environments Cluster as the first official digital innovation hub in Lapland.

29.1.2021 10:00

More applicants to international degree programmes at the universities of Lapland

The period to apply for foreign-language education at the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences ended on Wednesday 20 January. The number of applicants to both universities increased from the previous time.

7.1.2021 8:00

Application period for English programmes has started

Joint application period for English Bachelor's programmes has started 7 January and will end 20 January 2021 at 15 pm.

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