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25.10.2023 8:00

Lapland University of Applied Sciences' English-language Master's programmes will be included in the first joint application period 2024

The application period for Lapland UAS' English Master's degree programmes will be changed to the 1st joint application period 3.-17.1.2024.

24.10.2023 13:00

Good Leadership and Management Give a Head Start to a Tourism Company

The renowned Muonio-based tourism company, Harriniva Oy, and the strong tourism development organization, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, have entered into a partnership agreement.

18.10.2023 8:00

Towards battery-free electronics with energy harvesting

The Interreg Aurora-funded HE4T project aims to find energy harvesting solutions for industry that work without battery power.

13.10.2023 6:00

9.5 million euros for SME Innovations Promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyles

SMEs have an opportunity to expedite the market entry of their innovations through interregional collaboration. The financial boost aims to establish an INSHAPE Innovation & Investment Hub for innovations promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle even after the project concludes.

26.7.2023 9:00

A European project supports digitalisation of 62 tourism SMEs in several European countries

The Tourbit Digital Acceleration Programme (Tourbit) will support 62 tourism SMEs in their digital transformation process with a total of 520,000 euros.

26.7.2023 9:00

TOURBO kick starts under the warmth of Sevilla

The TOURBO project aims at “Boosting the transition pathway of MSMEs in tourism with green and digital transformation”. What does this mean for the regions involved?

5.6.2023 8:00

Connecting Northern Europe with Scotland: Lapland UAS and UHI Perth bridge the divide to offer work placement opportunities in Scotland and Finland.

With the demand for educated tourism staff increasing, Lapland UAS and UHI Perth have teamed up to connect students from both institutes with opportunities to work and earn accredited study placements within a network of Luxury Tourism and Outdoor Education providers.

23.5.2023 11:00

Nordplus funding for a VR game and pedagogy project

Lapland UAS, Uppsala University, and Stockholm University have been awarded funding by Nordplus for a joint project to take place between 1.9.2023 - 31.8.2024.

3.4.2023 9:00

“A million drops make an ocean”

More than 50 students from Latvia, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands finding ways to promote sustainable entrepreneurship.

30.3.2023 11:00

Designing Sustainable Nature-Based Luxury Tourism Product

International intensive course takes place in Rovaniemi 11 – 17 April 2023.

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