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23.2.2024 Graduates in February 2024

21.2.2024 NPA funding for utilizing technology in social and healthcare education

2.2.2024 Even heavy transport is required to undergo a green transition

29.1.2024 Smart solutions take Lapland towards sustainable industry and agriculture

18.1.2024 Lapland's Higher Education Institutions were attractive in the first Joint Application period

3.1.2024 Application period for international Bachelor's and Master's programmes has started

5.12.2023 “Connect the Unconnected” is the rallying cry of the Arctic 6G project

29.11.2023 An exciting way to learn about hydropower for engineering students

28.11.2023 Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort Oy is moving towards sustainable ski resort operations

23.11.2023 ProAgria Oulu and Lapland UAS agree on partnership

6.11.2023 Social Handprint: Ensuring everyone finds their place

6.11.2023 Sustainable Development Projects: Wall street Prospective – a lecture by Dr.John Donnellan, New Jersey City University, USA

6.11.2023 Terveystalo and Lapland UAS partnership continues

3.11.2023 Focus on fossil-free steel

31.10.2023 Lapland UAS and Polar Electro Oy intensify their research cooperation

25.10.2023 Lapland University of Applied Sciences' English-language Master's programmes will be included in the first joint application period 2024

24.10.2023 Good Leadership and Management Give a Head Start to a Tourism Company

19.10.2023 Career monitoring survey for 2018 graduates

18.10.2023 Towards battery-free electronics with energy harvesting

13.10.2023 9.5 million euros for SME Innovations Promoting Active and Healthy Lifestyles

26.7.2023 A European project supports digitalisation of 62 tourism SMEs in several European countries

26.7.2023 TOURBO kick starts under the warmth of Sevilla

5.6.2023 Connecting Northern Europe with Scotland: Lapland UAS and UHI Perth bridge the divide to offer work placement opportunities in Scotland and Finland.

23.5.2023 Nordplus funding for a VR game and pedagogy project

3.4.2023 “A million drops make an ocean”

30.3.2023 Designing Sustainable Nature-Based Luxury Tourism Product

10.3.2023 AGRARSENSE project develops new technology solutions to increase productivity in agriculture and forestry

1.3.2023 New Master’s programme of Lapland UAS enhances sustainability skills through transformative learning

15.2.2023 Santa Claus visited Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi on Valentine’s Day

31.1.2023 International Nature Sport and Outdoor Education Partners visit Lapland UAS

19.1.2023 The universities of Lapland attracted a large number of international students

12.1.2023 A trend towards building work-life oriented MBA at Finnish UASs

4.1.2023 Application period for English Bachelor's programmes has started

7.12.2022 Perth College UHI and Lapland University of Applied Sciences supporting international economic growth

7.12.2022 International week for enhancing partnerships with higher education institutions

20.9.2022 GRUDE – Green Economy Information Sharing Project Nominated for Arctic Awards 2022

14.9.2022 Building Ecosystem Integration Labs in HEI project

29.8.2022 Vocational and Professional Education Research Conference 2022

21.6.2022 Lapland UAS attends INNO4Sports Final Conference

24.5.2022 Lapland UAS offers free studies for Ukrainians

25.4.2022 UAS Pathway provides an opportunity to become acquainted with studies in Finland

10.2.2022 UAS Technikum Wien Grants Honorary Professorship to Ari Pikkarainen

31.1.2022 Lapland University of Applied Sciences as a goodwill partner of Santa Claus

10.1.2022 My Bright Future -event gave students insights into Finnish working life

5.1.2022 Application period for English programmes has started

10.12.2021 Revolutionizing the European forestry and wood sector

26.11.2021 Engineering studies opens up several opportunities for working life

28.10.2021 Lumen Journal 3/2021 out now

27.10.2021 Lapland UAS receives funding for two Erasmus+ partnership projects

25.10.2021 Towards more applicant-friendly student selection

6.10.2021 Small travel companies tell their story

30.9.2021 Lapland UAS welcomes Inno4Sport Partners

6.9.2021 Smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility and green-energy transition

5.8.2021 The UArctic Photo Competition: Arctic Polarities 2022

4.8.2021 Guide for new students

3.8.2021 A few degree places are still open in international programmes

2.7.2021 Lapland UAS third in the performance comparison of universities of applied sciences

2.7.2021 The reputation of Lapland UAS assessed as second best among Finnish universities of applied sciences

16.6.2021 Back to campuses – Lapland UAS’s corona guidelines for autumn 2021

1.6.2021 The first engineering students graduated from the Double degree-program in mechanical engineering

24.5.2021 Creating a tailor-made CEM strategy for post-pandemic market

22.3.2021 Academic year in an “exchange student bubble” – foreign students refuse to let the corona bring them down

10.3.2021 First in Lapland: Arctic Development Environments Cluster gains Digital Innovation Hub status

29.1.2021 More applicants to international degree programmes at the universities of Lapland

28.1.2021 Graduates in January 2021

19.1.2021 Pre-reading materials and tasks for BBA programmes have been published

18.1.2021 Students at Lapland University of Applied Sciences to receive electronic degree certificates

7.1.2021 Application period for English programmes has started

10.12.2020 BRIDGE-project won the Arctic Award 2020

2.11.2020 Lapland UAS continues teaching mainly remotely until the end of the spring semester 2021

17.9.2020 Lapland UAS continues teaching mainly remotely until the end of the autumn semester

17.6.2020 Business studies inspired to become an entrepreneur in Lapland

16.6.2020 Lapland UAS new semester will start partly on campus, partly online

11.6.2020 Joint degree programme on winter sports by Lapland’s universities and Beijing Sport University culminates in graduation ceremony

2.6.2020 My Story - Call for applications until 10 June 2020

1.6.2020 Tailoring multidisciplinary master’s degree online

5.5.2020 Lapland UAS will continue online teaching until the end of the spring semester 2020

29.4.2020 ROSEWOOD4.0: taking the ROSEWOOD network to the next level

16.4.2020 New Direct Application period for BBA programmes opened

19.2.2020 The Joint Application schedule for BBA programmes

3.2.2020 Lapland UAS to participate in a major European project

23.1.2020 English BBA programmes attract applicants

8.1.2020 Application period for English programmes has started

27.11.2019 Student counselors starting 1 Jan 2020

8.10.2019 New network developes health care education internationally

11.6.2019 Student selection results announced on 28 June 2019 at the latest

23.5.2019 Sound image of Lapland UAS

17.1.2019 Arctic Smartness Cluster and key stakeholder groups learn about Arctic Cluster project

12.11.2018 International contacts inspire business students

6.11.2018 Causes, effects and prevention of the fear of falling as the topic of an international seminar

28.6.2018 Spring 2018 joint application results have been published

27.6.2018 Campus Opening Hours and Support Services in Summer 2018

8.5.2018 Northern Stars Seminar 2018

21.3.2018 Northern cooperation to research, develop and test smart solutions for winter roads

9.2.2018 Arctic Summer School 2018

26.1.2018 Demola comes to Lapland!

8.12.2017 Students introduced their home countries and cultures at Multicultural Fair

6.11.2017 Lapland’s institutions of higher education to accelerate education export

23.10.2017 Finnish University of Applied Sciences system raises interest in China

28.9.2017 Regions Boosting the European Tourism’s Digitalisation and Safety

28.9.2017 International issue of the online magazine published

31.8.2017 International MBA degree group meets in Tornio

23.8.2017 Quality label to Lapland University of Applied Sciences

30.6.2017 Spring 2017 joint application results have been published

22.6.2017 Finnish centre for industrial circular economy to be established in Kemi

12.6.2017 Master students’ course in Kempten, Germany

30.5.2017 Nationalities mix at Arctic Summer School

26.5.2017 Lapin AMK students presenting their research papers at iCustoms Conference in St. Petersburg in Russia

6.4.2017 “Northern Stars 2017”: an international students’ success

31.3.2017 Lapland UAS exchange student’s form Czech Republic won a car form the Tornio Ice fishing contest

27.3.2017 VALAKIAT – event Mini-Innomaraton

6.3.2017 Developers of metallic construction meet in Kemi

28.2.2017 Applicant number grew at Lapland UAS

28.2.2017 Go Abroad –Day lottery winners in Tornio

17.2.2017 A team of tourism students represented Lapland UAS at the EMCup competition

12.1.2017 The United States ambassador visited Kosmos

14.12.2016 Tuition fees: Lapland UAS to implement an exceptional supportive scholarship system

7.12.2016 Arctic Cultural Evening 2016

23.11.2016 SmartSet Project: Bringing closer High Performance Low Cost Virtual Studios for Creative Industries SMEs

30.9.2016 Let´s bring the cultures together!

30.9.2016 SMART PRACTICE seminar held at Lapland UAS - Empowering Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education -

30.8.2016 Master’s Degree as on-line studies

13.6.2016 Additional application to Bachelor's degree programme in Business Information Technology

27.10.2017 Graduates in October 2017

15.11.2017 The Secret Side of the Arctic – Gala2017

9.2.2018 International ”Christmas Experience Academy” – Summer School


30.5.2016 Summer School 2016 kick-off in Tornio

7.4.2016 Erasmus+ and Smart Practice Collaboration Meeting in Rovaniemi

5.4.2016 Creative Entrepreneurship in the North – Your way to the Stars!

24.3.2016 Creative Hotspot Support ­ Urkult Festival in Mid-Sweden

17.2.2016 Defining Creative Steps 2.0 with co-design method

8.1.2016 Application for degree programmes in English begins on January 8th, 2016

21.12.2015 Arctic meets in Paris

21.12.2015 Lapland UAS and European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN sign cooperation agreement

18.12.2015 Graduates in December 2015

15.12.2015 Colourful Arctic Cultural Evening with a dozen nationalities

30.11.2015 Lapland UAS had important visitors from International Institute of Business Education in Murmansk

26.11.2015 New students! Welcome to Lapland UAS!

25.11.2015 Pure Arctic Madness joining EMCup 2016

25.11.2015 The DPT graduate, Veli-Matti Hettula career story

17.11.2015 Mines and socio-economic changes

13.11.2015 Masquerade – The night of the mystery

10.11.2015 Lapland UAS International business students co-creating new ideas to develop Santa Claus Village

9.11.2015 Simulations have become a part of studies and continuing education in health care

29.10.2015 Students wish to give back

21.10.2015 Name and logo competition

28.9.2015 Students take action to break the ice with asylum seekers

27.8.2015 Semester start feels like homecoming

21.8.2015 Lapland UAS student selection

20.8.2015 Lapland University of Applied Sciences and University of Lapland a joint project of "Higher education for immigrants - a path to a degree" continues

11.8.2015 Students’ eagerness and motivation made a great impression on summer school lecturers

6.7.2015 School cooperation

18.6.2015 Graduates on 18 June

17.6.2015 Unforgettable summer in Tornio summer school

17.6.2015 UAS Student services in Summer

12.5.2015 Nursing student's video greeting for International Nurses Day

5.5.2015 ARS± VER –Art Exhibition open

29.4.2015 Creative Momentum

16.3.2015 InnoBarentsLab in Arctic Business Forum 2015

12.5.2016 Yes, We CAN for Africa

25.4.2016 We CAN for Africa

8.4.2016 Around the world on a plate - You never "finnish" to meet new friends

26.2.2015 Lapland UAS team accepted the Clean Snowmobile Challenge

14.1.2015 Applying to International Business programme: Pre-reading material

8.1.2015 Intake of new students 7 January - 27 January

8.1.2015 Finnish National Board of Education: Applying to Finnish higher education

10.12.2014 Winter School, a joint excursion to learning by Russians, Norwegians and Finns

2.12.2014 Arctic eXtravaganza - a night to remember

25.11.2014 Practice Future : A platform for international cooperation and cross-border entrepreneurship learning

17.11.2014 Pitching, digital story-telling and e-voting: new ways to get funding and communicate

6.10.2014 Multimedia methods for dealing with health matters in secondary schools

22.8.2014 Supporting the creative economy in Europe’s northern periphery

20.8.2014 Lapland - Easier done than said

20.8.2014 New publication: Automation System Products and Research

11.8.2014 New publication: Road User Survey Report - Insights from Finnish Lapland

19.6.2014 Master of Business Administration: admitted students

17.6.2014 Barents Business Festival was a success

10.6.2014 IBL-students at Barents Reunion

28.5.2014 Accepted students in international programmes

28.5.2014 Graduates on May 28, 2014

23.5.2014 Graduates in Health care and Social Sciences in Kemi on May 23, 2014

25.4.2014 Graduates

21.3.2014 Graduates

25.2.2014 How to apply to International Business Management Programme

14.2.2014 Lapland UAS received great deal of applicants

6.2.2014 InnoMarathon 2014: enthusiasm and fine results at Ylläs

24.1.2014 New graduates

15.1.2014 New publication: Creative steps

13.1.2014 International Business Pre-reading Material 2014

10.1.2014 Best Regional University award

8.1.2014 Lapland UAS e-resources not available for time being

8.1.2014 Graduates in Tornio

7.1.2014 Intake of new students 7 January - 11 February

3.12.2013 Student union ROTKO got it's first board

25.9.2013 Kemi-Tornio UAS + Rovaniemi UAS = Lapland UAS on 1 January 2014

18.9.2013 Student union ROTKO gets a new logo

29.8.2013 RAMK Jokiväylä Library open beginning from 2.9.2013

15.8.2013 Lapland University of Applied Sciences gets a new logo

24.6.2013 What will change on January 2014 as Kemi-Tornio UAS and Rovaniemi UAS merge?