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Hi! I’m Lapland UAS. Nice to meet you!

Brand Guide

Lapland is a wild, but safe, region of extremes. Lapland UAS is like the North itself. It is actions, achievements, views and encounters that stay with you, and when they resurface, they bring a smile to your face.

To bring out the essence of us, we need words, sound and images. For others to also be able to recognise us as us, Lapland UAS must employ a unified front in its presentations. That’s the reason for this Brand Guide.

A uniform look and sound make our story interesting and approachable. We make our identity and strengths visible, audible and tangible. We are easy to recognise.

Northerness is an attitude

I am wind. I am ice. I am a storm. I am calm. I am strong and sensitive. I am northern made.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is northern made. In addition to a geographic location (and sometimes instead of it), “northerness” refers to an attitude: courage, open-mindedness, perceptiveness, and the ability to act. We do not freeze when under fire, and we certainly do not stop moving in the cold.

We in Lapland need one another – help is asked for and always given. Trust is innate, and to preserve it, we are ready to venture into different situations, even intricate ones.

Lapland UAS is inquisitive and eager to experiment. An adult who can and dares to play. Who chuckles inwardly when faced with pomposity. Who seems talkative, yet is more focused on listening.

Lapland UAS is optimistic and infects others around it with its enthusiasm. It knows that the future lies in Lapland. And that there is demand for northerness – for authenticity and daring action – elsewhere as well.

We are cold. We are hot.
We see light everywhere, even in the dark.
We are tenacious and live with passion.
We are strong, steadfast and determined.
We shape, we create, and let inspiration carry us forward.
We choose the tools that work best for us.
We let information flow because together we are more.
We walk the paths that provide the best access to learning.
We are committed to growing under all circumstances.
We have the Northern Factor.


Know us by name

Our name is Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS)

  • In Finnish: Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu (Lapin AMK)
  • In Swedish: Lapplands Yrkeshögskola (Lapplands YH)
  • In German: Fachhochschule Lappland (FH Lappland)

Our employer value proposition

We have appeal – and energy, skill and feeling!
We genuinely care how our co-workers are doing. On the other hand, everyone has the room to breathe and be what they are. To have the chance to be a little crazy – or to be told that it’s even desirable – is what makes us unique and pretty magnificent. We are northern made. We are free, abiding and determined. We do things, and get excited and do more. And yes, we’re proud of our workplace!

Our voice carries

Our slogan is
“The Northern Factor”.

This means that Lapland UAS is a hero of circumstance – an example of how to succeed thanks to your conditions, rather than in spite of them. This experience accumulates enough skills, knowledge and vitality to share. We’re a partner to all those who want to develop, learn and achieve something new.

Our messages aim to include, invite and encourage. We are not afraid to feel, appeal or say it as it is. Difficulties won’t go away by being silent.

It’s more important for us to be understood than to use tricky expressions. In all that we communicate, we aim for clear language.

Our soundscape is northern. This entails contrasts, extremes and even conflicts – just like the Arctic nature. There’s a wind blowing at Lapland UAS. Our theme song is Joiku by JanneAir.

Listen to our audio logo.

Our visual choices


Lapland UAS’s logo is composed of three parts: the logotype (the Lapland UAS text), the mark, and the English subtext.


The logo is simple and clear. The logo’s dimensions may not be changed, and it may be included in materials only as instructed in the graphic guidelines.
The look is reproduced in printed matter, on university premises, advertising, marketing and other printed and electronic publications and marketing products.
No other logos are used in connection with stories and accounts on the activities and operations of Lapland UAS.


In addition to the logo, Lapland UAS employs a separate mark without a text section. The mark is used in special cases as a graphic element or when there is a limited amount of space to be used.


The business IDs are the property of Lapland University of Applied Sciences Ltd, and they may not be used or processed without authorisation.


The font used by Lapland UAS is Flama. This is used particularly in headings/titles and short texts. Alongside Flama, we use the serif typeface Minion Pro, especially in longer texts. If Flama and Minion Pro are not available, they are substituted for by the sans-serif typeface Roboto and the serif typeface Times New Roman. The font used in texts on our web pages is Roboto.

Use of colours

The logotype and subtext of Lapland UAS’s logo are black in colour, whereas the colour of the mark is broken red. Broken blue is used as an additional colour.
The colours were inspired by fire and ice.

Due to accessibility, a darker shade of red is used in digital systems.

Värit LapinAMK.png

Files to be downloaded

lapinamk_bw.pdf (24.5 kB)
lapinamk_cmyk.pdf (24.7 kB)
lapinamk_merkki_cmyk.pdf (19.4 kB)

Image bank

Our image bank also reproduces our identity.
Images for the use of media and our partners: lapinamk.kuvat.fi.