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Lapland UAS Alumni

All graduate students from Lapland UAS (and former Rovaniemi UAS and Kemi-Tornio UAS) are Lapland
UAS alumni. Former Lapland UAS employees, entrepreneurs and other interest groups that are willing to positively enhance and support Lapland UAS are welcome to join our Alumnigroup.

Alumni are crucial partners that offer important knowledge directly from the working life for Lapland UAS.

As an alumnus or alumna of Lapland UAS, you can:

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-    update, develop and bring out your own expertise and knowledge
-    create new networks
-    enhance your own career or employment
-    act as a mentor to the students
-    co-operate in RDI-projects, practical training or other commissioned work
-    gain new contacts to your own company, for example clients, employees, partners.
Alumni activities include variety of seminars, specialist lectures and other activities and co-operation. Alumni can act as commissioners of theses, offer practical training placements or give lectures of particular area of expertise.
Alumni activities are all voluntary and free of charge.

Signing in to alumnigroup ensure you the latest news, updates and invitations of Lapland UAS.

Register now and join the special group of experts!

Contact persons for Alumni Actitivies are found from this page.


School of Social Services, Health and Sports
Hannele Kauppila
puh. 050 310 9350

Maria Kiistala
puh. 040 731 8334

School of Business and Culture
Katja Mattila
puh. 040 576 1625

School of Hospitality and Tourism
Petra Paloniemi
puh. 040 710 6435

Master's Degree Programmes
Outi Törmänen
puh. 040 749 8615

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