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Lapland university of applied sciences

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is the northernmost UAS in Finland and in the EU focusing on higher education and research, development and innovations.

Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions are at the core.
We provide higher education in several fields:


In Lapland UAS, there are four Bachelor’s degree programmes and one Master's degree programme conducted in English.

Additionally, we conduct research, development and innovation work that especially serves the Arctic. Our service palette covers training services, short term development assignments as well as R&D projects.

Downloadable presentation material.



Lapland University of Applied Sciences is maintained by Lapland University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

See also: Organisation chart and Key figures


We are cold. We are hot.

We see light everywhere, even in the dark.

We are tenacious and live with passion.

We are strong, dedicated and determined.

We are committed to growing under all circumstances.

We have the Northern Factor.

Brochure: Arctic Vitality!
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