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25.2.2021 9:00

Kosmos Library in Kemi is closed on week 10 (8. - 12.3.)

University Library and Arctic Centre Library in Rovaniemi are open as usual on week 10.

18.2.2021 12:00

Invitation to an event to match young international talents in Finland with the Finnish companies

EK and Business Finland orgarnises an event to match the international talents with the companies in Finland

17.2.2021 13:00

International Afternoon

Come and join us for an afternoon full of international presentations and learn more about internationalization possibilities at Lapland UAS.

11.2.2021 8:00

Kela informs

Kela sends out nearly 44,000 repayment proposals on the recovery of overpaid student financial aid

9.2.2021 11:00

Lapland police organises training sessions for police dogs in Lapland UAS premises

Training will take place on 10 and 11 February.

28.1.2021 8:00

Kela informs

100,000 students have yet to pay the student healthcare fee

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