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Saving the Master's Thesis


Students save their own theses into the open repository Theseus, which is an online library of the Universities of Applied Sciences offered by Arene. Theses and publications of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences are saved into Theseus. Theses are saved as a PDF file into Theseus, where they are freely readable for everyone through the Internet. There are instructions for saving in the Theseus. The library will also instruct students. Instructions and further information on the Theseus can be found on the website of the UAS library.

The primary place to save the thesis is the online library Theseus. If the student does not save his/her thesis into the electronic online library Theseus, she/he has to deliver a cased thesis to the library. The student pays for the casing himself/herself. The cased theses are listed in the Juolukka database.

The student union (in Technology & Business Management) will case it for them. The student will pay for the casing him/herself. The student delivers one bound A4-sized printed copy of his/her thesis to his/her thesis instructor for filing. The instructor delivers the copy to the office to be filed. The theses with grade 5 are filed permanently (Decision KA 321/43/03 of the National Archives Service of Finland) and other theses are filed for 10 years (Archiving periods for municipal documents 12/12.6).

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