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Thesis implementation phase bachelor’s 5 cr./master’s 10 cr


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During the implementation phase:

  • You will complete your thesis in accordance with the commission and your thesis plan.
  • You will accomplish your task with the methods and/or tools you have chosen to achieve the desired outcome. The implementation phase requires regular and sustained work, during which ups and downs may occur. The original plan is not always realised as such, but with creative problem solving and appropriate, justified choices, you can reach the finish line. Evaluate and monitor the development process: the process may also include a re-valuation of the objectives and operating practices of the development activities
  • The supervisor will guide and support the progress of your thesis according to the programme-specific process in Wihi or Moodle.
  • Regular and spontaneous interaction with the supervisor and the commissioner will help you carry out your work.
  • Negotiate any changes with the supervisor.
  • Document the thesis in accordance with the UAS’s thesis reporting guidelines.

You will receive an approved grade for this phase when you and the supervisor assess that you are ready to start the thesis finishing phase.