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The National Archives Service of Finland requires theses to be archived. The archival copies of all theses (both master’s and bachelor’s) completed at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences are saved in the Yksa archive service in PDF format starting on 1 May 2015. Students do not receive their degree certificates until they have archived a completed and approved version of their thesis. The theses in the archive can be browsed using various search features.

Archival steps

1. Make a single PDF file of your approved thesis and its appendices (cover sheet, table of contents, report section and appendices). You can use the same file for saving your thesis in Theseus. You can merge several files into one file using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software. If there is only one file, there is free software available for PDF printing.

2. Open the thesis archival form:


3. Choose the PDF file of your thesis and add it to the form.

4. Fill in the other information on the form. Copy the information from the description page of your thesis.
If your thesis has several authors, enter the information of all authors. Use the “Lisää kenttä” (Add field) button.
Make sure that the supervising teacher’s e-mail address and all other information is correct.
If your work includes parts that are not in the PDF file (such as a product or video), mention it in the field “Huomautus” (Notes).

5. Save the form by selecting “Tallenna” (Save). A confirmation message will be displayed, and your supervisor will receive a message at the e-mail address you provided.
If you have problems with saving your work, please contact your supervisor.