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Starting the thesis


The person in charge of the thesis organises a thesis kick-off event that can be an information event or a kick-off seminar. The student attends the thesis information event.

Topic selection

The student comes up with the thesis topic independently. The thesis can be based on researching a topic that the student finds interesting. The thesis can also involve, for example, a development and trial project, product development work, event organisation, an artistic piece, a training project or producing learning material. Topics can be commissioned by companies and other organisations and received from RDI projects of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The thesis topic must be closely linked to the student’s studies, current or future job or some other interest group. The objective of the thesis is to develop the student’s ability to apply research data and to use the selected methods in analysing and solving working life problems as well as readiness for independent, demanding expert work.

Topic and perspective selection can be made easier by following the field’s Finnish and foreign discussion in literature, scientific magazines, TV, radio and websites. You can look for a thesis topic by making literature searches with search words in library databases, discussing with the teachers and exploring the research or development needs of practical training places.

Idea paper preparation

The student prepares a written description of his/her thesis idea, i.e. fills in the idea paper. The student submits the idea paper to the person in charge of the thesis by archiving it in the Moodle thesis environment.


Topic approval and instructor assignment

The person in charge of the thesis approves the student’s idea paper and assigns one or more instructors for the thesis. In the case of commission and project research projects, the collaboration organisation can also assign an instructor for the thesis.

The student is given the permission to start working as well as a possible degree programme-specific research and/or work permission. The purpose of the approval of the thesis topic is to make sure that the student has sufficient preconditions for completing the thesis.


Thesis as a project, and commission agreement

The thesis constitutes a project, if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Working life pays either the university of applied sciences or the student for the completion of the thesis and this has been agreed upon in writing before starting the thesis.
  • An assigned working life representative is involved in the thesis guidance and this has been agreed upon in writing before starting the thesis.
  • From the very beginning, the work community is meant to utilise the results of the thesis in their own operations and this has been agreed upon in writing before starting the thesis.

In the case of a project thesis, there must always be a written commission agreement between the student, organisation and educational institute. Possible copyright issues should also be entered into the agreement. The commission agreement is to be prepared in three copies, one for the student, one for the university of applied sciences and one for the party commissioning the thesis. When necessary, the student must apply for a research permit for his/her thesis. If the subject of the research does not have its own form for applying for a research permit, the Thesis research permit application is used.

Thesis plan preparation and approval

The student prepares for the instructor a written description of his/her thesis plan, i.e. prepares the work plan. The work plan provides answers to questions such as: what is studied, why it is studied, what material is used, how is the information acquired, how the information is analysed and how the study is reported. The student submits the work plan to his/her thesis instructor in the Moodle thesis environment.

The instructor approves the work plan. The instructor, customer and the student sign a commission agreement that is archived degree programme-specifically to Moodle.