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Written reporting of the thesis

The written report of the thesis is prepared in the template of the university of applied sciences according to the instructions provided.

It is recommended to start writing the report early in the process and to work on it during the whole process. A good end result requires text editing, so sufficient time should be allocated for putting the finishing touches on the report.

The structure of a good thesis report is clear, precise and understandable and the text progresses logically. In the research text, particular attention should be paid to carefully justifying all claims and opinions.

The thesis report text is produced by the writer but it can include summaries of ideas of others followed by a reference marking indicating the source. Direct copying of text constitutes plagiarism, which is not allowed. The university uses the Ouriginal system to identify plagiarism. It searches for similarities in the reports from among the texts submitted into the system.

Language counselling

The student receives counselling for the thesis reporting from both the thesis instructor and either a Finnish- or English-language teacher. The degree programme-specific instructions for thesis language counselling are available in the degree programmes’ Thesis module’s Moodle environment.

Oral presentation

The student presents his/her thesis orally in an event that is attended by the thesis instructor, possible commissioning party and other students. The presentation event is organised when the instructor has approved the thesis in a preliminary fashion.

In the presentation, the student shares the goals, methods and central results of the thesis with the help of appropriate illustrations. After the initial presentation, the participants can ask questions or share comments.

The instructor or group-specific seminar leader serves as the chair of the presentation event. It is polite to invite the commissioning party of the thesis to the presentation, which is also an opportune situation to gain publicity for the thesis, for example, by inviting outsiders to the event.