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Publishing the thesis


According to the order of the National Archives Service of Finland, students must save an electronic version of their thesis in PDF format in the YKSA archive service.

Theses are published in electronic format in Theseus, which is an open repository of the universities of applied sciences. Instructions for publishing the thesis in Theseus. The student can also choose to have the thesis bound for personal use.

The thesis may include contents, such as business secretes, that prevent publishing the thesis. In this case, the sections to be kept confidential are removed from the thesis and surrendered to the commissioning party. The student and instructing teachers are bound by the obligation of secrecy with regard to the confidential information. The thesis is archived in an electronic format.

The most successful theses can also be published in publication series B or D of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The publication process is launched with the student’s consent by the instructing teacher. The final decision on adoption to the publication series and its level is made by the publication workgroup of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.