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Maturity examination


An obligatory maturity examination is linked to the thesis of the university of applied sciences’ degree programme. The maturity examination can be an essay to be prepared on a given topic or, alternatively, a bulletin presenting the theme of the thesis.

The student can enrol for the maturity examination when the thesis is in the finishing phase. The enrolment for the maturity examination takes place in the same way as for a regular examination and no more than three (3) hours can be spent on writing. The maturity examination is written in a supervised situation. The student writes the maturity examination according to the practices of the university of applier sciences based on topics chosen by the instructing teacher.

The contents of the maturity examination is verified by the teacher instructing the thesis and its linguistic form by the communications teacher.


The maturity examination is evaluated on a scale of pass – fail. The evaluation focuses on the following:


  • command of the subject
  • accuracy and reliability of analysis
  • explorative and developing working approach


  • intelligibility (e.g. independence of the text = the text is intelligible even if the reader has not seen the thesis, argumentation)
  • consistency of the structure and processing (overall structure of the text, division into paragraphs, titling)
  • correctness of the style (formal style) and language (e.g. spelling)


Layout instructions for the maturity exam in Exam:

  • font Arial, pt 12
  • line spacing 1.5
  • please leave one empty line between paragraphs
  • length of the text 1.5 – 2 pages