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Evaluation practice


The evaluation of the thesis is based on the written report and also on the process, the student’s seminar presentation and output as well as on a written statement made by the commissioning party. The evaluation of the thesis is the responsibility of the instructing teacher and the teacher counselling language and form matters or the English teacher. The thesis is evaluated according to the thesis evaluation criteria of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The evaluation subareas include command of the subject, information base, implementation, conclusions and reliability of the thesis as well as the oral and written reporting.

The thesis subareas are evaluated on a scale of very good (5), good (4 or 3) or satisfactory (2 or 1). The oral and written reporting are evaluated on a scale of pass/fail. The instructing teacher of the thesis formulates the approved attainments of the different subareas into one grade. The student is entitled to know the evaluations of the different subareas. However, only the overall evaluation is registered into the student register.

According to the degree regulation, a student dissatisfied with the grading of his/her study attainment may request the teacher who performed the evaluation for rectification within 14 days of the publication of the grading results. The student has the opportunity to submit a written rectification request to the board of examiners within 14 days of receiving a written response from the teacher in question. The rectification request is to be submitted to the board of examiners of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.