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The objective of a thesis is to develop and document the student’s expertise so that the thesis will serve as a bridge between studying and working life making the transfer to working life easier. It is desirable that the theses of our university of applied sciences are working life-oriented and develop working life. Involvement in working life development projects improve the student’s project work skills.


Thesis working teaches to

  • identify, determine and limit working life problems
  • apply theory creatively into actual working life problems
  • acquire and manage information needed to solve working life problems
  • work independently in a responsible manner
  • co-operate and manage projects
  • assess one’s own actions critically and to develop them
  • report one’s own work both orally and in writing.

These objectives can be reached with theses of many types, such as

  • development or other plan
  • product
  • method
  • event
  • artistic work
  • process development
  • study/survey of the field with development suggestions

The key thing, however, is for all theses to aim at professional growth and development of expertise. The topic and purpose of the thesis has an impact on selecting its form. The thesis can, for example, concern the preparation of a development plan for some working life function, the design and implementation of a computer programme, video programme, some device, portfolio or an artistic piece, the making of an applied research thesis or the study of some theory interesting from the perspective of practices in one’s own professional field. In addition, the thesis can involve the organisation of diverse events, theme days and festivals as well as the production of learning and guidance material.

If the thesis requires diverse information and skills related to the contents and technical implementation, it is recommended to consider implementing the thesis as multidisciplinary so that those working on the thesis come from different degree programmes or fields.

By exploring the existing thesis reports online you get an idea what kind of theses have been completed at the university of applied sciences so far. Regardless of the thesis topic and implementation method, a written report must be prepared on the thesis describing the starting point, purpose and progression of the process, validating the selection in a critical manner and assessing the final result. The thesis of the university of applied sciences is more practical than a strictly scientific study but the research aspect does, however, require that the results are always analytically validated.

At a university of applied sciences, the thesis is valued at 15 credits.