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Summer studies and campusonline


1. Lapland UAS

Summer studies are mainly free-choice electives. Implementation plans and more information can be found in Study Guide. Please enroll for summer studies in Peppi. The enrollment period for summer studies can be found in study guide.

Students may apply a study grant for summer studies from Kela. Please check Kela’s web site for more information.


2. Campusonline.fi

At Campusonline.fi you can find a selection of online courses offered by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences. You can choose courses from another university of applied sciences and include these studies into your degree. The courses are 100% online: just enroll and complete the courses conveniently regardless of place and time.

Through Campusonline.fi, you can complete studies year-round. There are three semesters:

Spring, enrollment opens in November
Summer, enrollment opens in March
Autumn, enrollment opens in August–September

In addition, Non-stop courses are available year-round and across semesters.

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree), exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Other Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the university of applied science that offers the course in question.

The portal contains a basic information about the courses. By clicking the course, you’ll find a link to the UAS’ website for more information about the course content and enrollment.

Lapland UAS degree students and Open UAS study path students enroll for Campusonline courses offered by Lapland UAS in Peppi.

Puro service

To transfer the study attainments between universities of applied sciences, please see the instructions on the Campusonline website.

After sending the transfer request to your home university of applied sciences, please note, that the requests are handled manually. Therefore, it might take some time before the study attainments are in Peppi. Submit the transfer request in PURO as soon as the course is evaluated.


3.LUC Studies

LUC Studies are free of charge for degree students.

The link contains more specific information of the implementations and enrollment. Please keep in mind that most of the consortium studies are in Finnish, unless stated otherwise.


avoinharmaasähköposti-ulapland.jpg(LUC Studies)