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Welcome to Finland! To dive into Finnish culture and society, it’s beneficial to have some Finnish skills. This webpage guides you to choose suitable courses and provides you with additional information on learning Finnish. You can study Finnish language at Lapland UAS or at the University of Lapland.

Why study finnish

The levels of our Finnish courses are based on CEFR.

Planning my Finnish language studies
International degree students of Lapland UAS have 10-20 ECTS of Finnish language studies included in their degree.

In addition, it is recommendable to choose free choice electives of Finnish language study units. See for example the study units Finnish club and YKI training. If your degree studies only include 10 ECTS of Finnish, you are welcome to take additional courses (Finnish 3 and Finnish 4). 


This is how you can choose the best study units for you:

A. Starting from scratch?
If you don’t know any Finnish yet, the basic Finnish study units are part of your degree programme. You just need to follow the degree programme study path from the beginning.


B. What if I speak some Finnish already?

If you have some prior knowledge of the Finnish language, you can substitute the Finnish language study units included in your degree programme. The Lapland University Language Centre offers 25 credits of B1-B2-level Finnish language study units. Note, that you need to fill in a PIA application.

See for example,

  1. XFIN0221 Suomen rakenne- ja tekstikurssi 1(CEFR B1.1) (3 ECTS)
  2. XFIN0223 Suomen suullinen kielitaito 1 (CEFR B1.1) (2 ECTS)


C. I am already a pro in Finnish!
If you speak fluent Finnish already and you think you don’t need to study more Finnish, you may follow these instructions:
  1. Apply for substitution in Peppi.
  2. Present a certificate and/or study register of prior Finnish language studies.
If you don’t have a certificate, you may show your Finnish language competence in a skills demonstration. Contact a Finnish language teacher for more information.
Finnish language study units 2023

In LUC, Finnish language studies are offered by Lapland UAS, by a team of Finnish teachers, and by Lapland University, by Language Centre.

When looking for a suitable course, see the CEFR level description.

See the study unit schedule and enroll in Peppi.

study units spring 2023

spring 2023

Don’t know what to study? Please contact Ms Riikka Partanen, email: riikka.partanen@lapinamk.fi

Assessment test of your Finnish skills

Are you interested in evaluating your skills level in Finnish? Take YKI-test!
The national certificate of language proficiency (YKI test) is a language test for adults.


You may use the test for example:


  1. to evaluate your progress and level of language learning
  2. to demonstrate your language skills to apply for a job or a place to study
  3. to demonstrate your level of language proficiency to acquire the Finnish citizenship
There are three levels of YKI test and each test consists of four subtests: speaking, writing, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. Each test is evaluated separately. YKI. 

The places to participate in the test, the test dates, and additional information you may find on Opetushallitus web pages. You may also find information about the test fee and register for the test here

More Finnish

12 TIPS on how to support developing your Finnish skills

  1. Start your Finnish studies by playing the web game Jäämaa.
  2. Play daily Finnish language learning supporting phone apps, like Duolingo and Quizlet.
  3. Subscribe to YouTube Channels, like Napaketku, Sinä Osaat! and Finnish With Anna.
  4. Enjoy the Lapland UAS international student meetings, like Culture Bump.
  5. Check your local Finnish classes. In Rovaniemi, see for example Rovaniemen kansalaisopisto or Lapland Open University.
  6. Take part in groups and events in multicultural centre MoniNet in Rovaniemi.
  7. Talk Finnish in Language Coffee events in Rovaniemi.
  8. Check free online Finnish classes at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.
  9. Enroll in Lapland UAS study unit Introduction to Finnish Society and culture.
  10. Check Yle Oppiminen web-materials (Suomi).
  11. Learn the basic practices in Osaan suomea.
  12. Develop your skills related to professional fields in KotiSuomessa.
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