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Enrollment for the academic year as attending or non-attending

All degree students continuing his / her studies must enroll as attending or non-attending student. This also applies to students who are abroad completing their exchange studies. The enrollment period is 24 April–31 August and the enrollment is done in Peppi. Enrollment is done for both autumn and spring semester during the enrollment period. If student's regular study time is ending on 31 December., student can enroll only for the autumn semester. Enrollment for the spring semester is open 15 November–31 December. The student can change the enrollment information on the Student's desktop in Peppi (except the first year students) during the enrollment period (24 April–31 August regarding the autumn and spring semester and 15 November–31 December regarding the spring semester).

A continuing student, who is obliged to pay the annual tuition fee, can’t enroll as attending before payment.

A student who has not enrolled as attending or non-attending loses his / her right to study. The right to study can be restored by filling a reinstatement application. A handling fee for the application is 50€.

If the regular time of your right to study (Bachelor´s degrees 3,5 or 4 years and Master´s degrees 1 or 1,5 years) is ending on 31 July, please contact the Study Counselor of your degree programme.

Students in universities of applied sciences and universities who are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, Finnish abbreviation YTHS) must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. The liability to pay the healthcare fee is determined on the basis of the degree to be completed and the registration of attendance. More information can be found from Kela and FSHS website. Pay the healthcare fee if you are registered as attending and completing a Bachelor’s or a Master’s level degree. You do not have to pay the healthcare fee if you have social security coverage from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Even if you do not have to pay the fee, you can still use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service.

NOTE! Student's who have been accepted as a student in spring 2015 or after and want to enroll non-attending based on military service, maternity, paternity or parental leave, must provide a written document. To present the document, student has to contact the Coordinator of the degree programme.

With any questions related to enrollment, please contact: opiskelijarekisteri(at)lapinamk.fi

User account activation and lost passwords    
Lost passwords and a user account may be activated either with a Finnish online banking account or with a mobile certificate on the web site https://identity.luc.fi.
If you do not have a Finnish online banking account or mobile certificate, contact the IT ServiceDesk, tel. 358 40 7785800 of email servicedesk(at)luc.fi.