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What is practical training?

Practical training is an essential part of a degree from a university of applied sciences. For the student, practical training is goal-oriented and diverse work that develops competence in relation to the professional field and working life. Practical training offers students opportunities to participate in recognising and analysing the development needs of the field.



Practical training helps develop a professional identity and for students to learn:

  • key work tasks in one’s own field
  • how to use various work tools and methods
  • how to evaluate one’s own learning and development needs
  • how to combine theory and practice
  • general working-life skills
  • how to create working-life contacts and network.

Competence goals are specified for the practical training period. Practical training must offer the student challenges that match the goals and provide guidance with the work. Practical training is connected to the curriculum of the student’s field and to the student’s learning process; it can be completed in Finland or abroad. Practical training helps students find employment after graduation.