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The recognition of prior learning (RPL) can be done right at the beginning of your studies or at a later stage. RPL values all kinds of learning and that is why attention is paid to your competence itself, not where or how it was acquired. The benefits of the recognition of prior learning include e.g. graduation at a faster pace, elimination of overlapping course contents and awareness of your own competences.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the curriculum and recognise your own learning in relation to the learning objectives of courses. Please get prepared for Individual Study Plan (ISP) discussions by compiling documents for demonstrating your competences, such as competence description forms and work testimonials.

RPL process

  • Please discuss the recognition of prior learning with the Study Counsellor of your degree programme.
  • You can apply for the recognition of prior learning by filling in an online application form on Peppi and sending the application to the Student affairs officer.
  • The Study Counsellor makes the decision about approving/rejecting your attainment or having it supplemented by a skills demonstration. Skills demonstration methods include work tests, interviews and written assignments. Recognition of prior learning can be influenced by the age and assessment of the attainment as well as programme-specific practices and guidelines.
  • You will be informed of the decision on Peppi. You have also a possibility to appeal the decision according to the instructions linked to the decision.


Instructions for RPL applications 

Substitution - Previously completed study  

Substitution - Previously acquired competence

Inclusion - Previously completed study

Inclusion - Previously acquired competence

Supplementing a credit transfer application


The Student Affairs Officer of your degree programme can help you fill the application.