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Exam aquarium

The exam aquarium is a room where students can take their exams, saved in advance by the teacher in the exam system, when it best suits them.

The exam aquariums are called EXAM at the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Taking EXAM exams makes it easier to plan studies when you can follow your own schedule. At the same time, the availability of the required books improves when their demand is spread more evenly. EXAM is also a calmer environment than the traditional exams.

An EXAM aquarium locations:

  • Rovaniemi: Jokiväylä 11, C116A (4 computers)

  • Kemi: Kosmos, 1114 (5 computers)

Aquarium exams also require advance enrolment. The enrolment is made in the Exam system. The enrolment signifies that the students gives his/her consent for camera monitoring.

Exams begin on the hour and the aquarium doors are opened 5 minutes earlier and locked again at 15 past the hour. The student takes the exam with the help of a computer and the monitoring is ensured by recording camera monitoring and log-in.

The computers in the EXAM aquarium are equipped with the exam software used during the exam and Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word and Excel.

The use of the EXAM aquarium is voluntary for students. The exam aquariums are an alternative to traditional exams; they will not replace the traditional exams.

Aquarium exams are especially well suited for individual exam takers, such as those taking the maturity exam.

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