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examination procedure


Students are supposed to participate in ordinary examinations in every study unit.

Coursework (exam, exercise or other task) in a degree programme may be completed three times with the same requirements on exam days specified in the implementation plan for the semester/course unit. If the student fails to gain a passing grade over the course of these three (3) attempts, he/she must restart the course or part thereof and may be required to adhere to revised requirements.  Each registration for an examination is interpreted as an examination taken.

It is possible to improve a passing grade once (1) by the end of the semester following the end of the course in question.

Cheating in an exam
If a student commits academic fraud in an exam or some other assessment situation, the performance will be failed. The performance will also be failed if the fraud or plagiarism is observed after an exam has been turned in. Academic fraud or plagiarism may also result in other disciplinary measures based on the Universities of Applied Sciences Act and the relevant Government Decree. 
Notification of examination results
The teacher must enter the exam results in the study record no later than one month after the examination.

A student has a right to be informed of the assessment criteria applied to his/her study attainment. He/she must be provided with an opportunity to analyse his/her graded written or otherwise recorded study attainment.

Retention of examination results
Written or otherwise recorded study attainments must be kept for a minimum of six months after the publication of the results. Theses are kept permanently.

A student dissatisfied with an assessment of study performance or a credit transfer decision may submit an oral or written petition for rectification to the teacher who performed the assessment or made the decision. The petition must be submitted within 14 days of the student being having access to information on the result of the assessment and the application of assessment criteria in his/her case.

A student dissatisfied with the teacher’s decision may submit a written petition for rectification to the UAS’s board of examiners within 14 days of being informed of the decision.

EXAM Classrooms

Kosmos (Tietokatu 1) KEMI
Classroom 2050-51,
second floor,
M-door is open.

Rantavitikka (Jokiväylä 11) ROVANIEMI
second floor