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Summer studies 2018

1. Lapland UAS

Summer studies (28.5.-31.8.2018) arranged by Lapland UAS are mainly free-choice electives, Implementation plans and more details about summer courses are found in SoleOps system.

Please enroll for summer studies at your study unit implementations in SoleOPS via ISP or Study implementation plan during the study unit enrolment period.

Enrolment period is 15.3. - 15.4.2018, opens 1.3.2018.

2. - portal


In the portal, you can select summer studies from the provision of 22 universities of applied sciences. 
Save the dates: The portal opens on 1 March 2018 * Check out the courses * Enrolment starts on 15 March 2018. The most popular courses fill up fast, so remember to enrol early enough.

You can select courses from the provision of all participating UASs. The courses are mainly organized online.  courses are free of charge for degree students. Open UAS students pay a fee in accordance with the Open UAS fees.

The portal contains basic information on the courses. Each course has a link to the website of the UAS in question, where you can find more specific information on the implementation and enroll on the course. After having completed the course, you will receive a transcript of records with which you can have the course included in your degree according to the practices of your own UAS, or the evaluation information is transferred to your UAS. With Puro-service higher education students can retrieve their credits and degrees from national Virta-database. Credits are updated in Virta a minimum of once a month.

In different UAS's summer study credits needs to do normal e-Services in SoleOps (substitution or inclusion to studies).

3. University of Lapland

Summer studies are free of charge for degree students.

Enrolment period: **coming soon.

The links contain more specific information on the implementation and enroll on the study.

Summer studies in English:
** coming soon.

More information: Laura Ylinampa puh: 040 - 484 4354, laura.ylinampa(at)

Applying for financial aid for summer studies
Students may apply for financial aid for summer studies, also. Summer financial aid months are June, July and August (1.6.-31.8.).

Students may receive summer financial aid if their summer studies amount to an average of 5 cr per month. Present you plan for summer studies in the application.

For foreign studies and practical training students may receive summer financial aid if their summer studies amount to an average of 5 cr per month or if their summer studies amount to at least 18 days of study per month.

You can file the application for financial aid electronically on Kela’s web site (only in Finnish/Swedish): English information

You can also apply for summer financial aid using Kela’s OTM form. For foreign studies, a Learning Agreement must be enclosed. You can return the application directly to Kela. The OTM form can be printed out from the link OTM form

You should submit your application for summer financial aid on time. Financial aid is not paid retroactively; it is only paid beginning from the month when the application is submitted.

Financial aid months used during the summer are subtracted from your total financial aid months and they are taken into account in both income monitoring and study progress monitoring. Progress in summer studies is monitored in September in conjunction with monitoring of annual progress in studies.

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