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Student feedback

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Students are expected to provide feedback about each study unit they have attended, as well as annual feedback about their degree studies. Feedback is collected using electronic systems and all responses are completely anonymous. Student feedback is utilised in developing our activities and the quality of our education.


Study unit feedback

Study unit feedback is collected using SoleOPS. Log in to SoleOPS and choose “Feedback of study units”. Please note: in order to be able to give feedback on any study unit, you must first enrol for it and your enrolment must be accepted. Feedback summaries are published in Study Unit Feedback Info.  If you can not find your degree programme in the drop-down menu, no feedback has been given on any study unit of your programme.


Annual student feedback survey

Students can give feedback about their Bachelor-level degree studies by responding to our annual survey questionnaire. An invitation to respond with an online link is sent to students in January. The results will be discussed in each degree programme with students. A summary of the most recent student feedback is available here.

Graduate feedback

When graduating, students must answer the Ministry of Education's student feedback survey for graduating students.  All graduating students will receive a response link into their Lapland UAS email account. Survey results are available at the Vipunen portal.

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