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Student feedback

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Students are expected to provide feedback during their studies, when graduating, and five years after graduation, by responding to surveys evaluating these different stages of studies and careers. Feedback is collected using electronic systems and all responses are completely anonymous. All feedback is utilized in developing our activities and the quality of our education.

Study feedback

During studies students can give continuous feedback as well as final feedback on study units via Peppi study data service. Those who give feedback have access to read a summary report and teacher’s feedback-on-feedback.

Graduand feedback

When graduating, students can give feedback on their whole degree by responding to national student feedback survey for graduating students. The survey results are available at the Vipunen portal.

Career monitoring survey

All graduates will be invited to respond to a national career monitoring survey five years after graduation. The survey examines the employment of university of applied sciences graduates and their satisfaction with the degree and career. The survey results are available at the Vipunen portal.