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Registering as a student


The practices involved in registering as a university of applied sciences student and losing the right to study comply with the regulations of the Polytechnic Act (932/2014 28§, 29§ ja 32§).

Students must register as attending or non-attending every academic year.
Students who are continuing their studies must register via WinhaWille between 15.4 and 31.5.2018.

Students beginning their studies must register at the same time as they accept their student place. Students register for one academic year at a time. However, if the right to study ends in December, registration is only for the autumn semester.

Registration status may be changed during the academic year for a special reason by applying for a decision from the director of the school. Special reasons include significant changes in the student’s life situation, such as the student’s or a family member’s serious illness, maternity or paternity leave, or military or civil service. A written document from the relevant official concerning the reason must always be enclosed with the application. The change in registration status becomes effective at the beginning of the month following the application date and ends at the end of the current academic year.

Please note that students can only enrol as non-attending for two academic years during their study entitlement period if you started your studies before 1 August 2015.

If you started your studies after 1 August 2015 the absence period is a maximum of one academic year. You cannot complete studies or participate in instruction during the non-attendance period. A non-attendance enrolment extends the duration of the study entitlement period with a corresponding period of time. A non-attending student may not attend classes, take exams, complete practical training or receive guidance in completing the thesis project.

A student loses his or her right to study if he or she fails to register as attending or non-attending before the deadline. By application the director of the school may restore the right to study, primarily starting from the beginning of the following academic year. The university of applied sciences has detailed instructions concerning registering as a student. Starting 1 January 2015, if your enrolment is submitted late and you are expelled, the processing of any appeals to restore study entitlement is subject to a €50 processing fee (Government Decree 1440/2014, Section 3).

If you wish to terminate your studies, fill in the Notice of resignation form.

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