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examination procedure


An examination can be attempted under the same requirements three (3) times at the latest by the end of the next semester. During the semester, an examination is held on the course in question in accordance with the course implementation plan. The first resit and the second resit are held separately on agreed resit dates. The examination is then taken in accordance with the potentially changed requirements.


Registering for an examination

Students are required to participate in the examination which does not require pre-registration. Each registration for an examination is interpreted as an examination taken. Students register for resits in the SoleOPS system. Registration for the examination has to be done two week before the resit date. The campus at which the examination will be taken may be selected when registering. In the event of illness, students are required to submit a nurse's certificate to the recipient of the exam.

Attending an examination

Please arrive for the exam in good time. The examination usually lasts three hours. Students may leave the room no earlier than 30 minutes after the examination begins. Students arriving after this time may not participate in the exam.

Exam participants are not allowed to use dictionaries or electronic aids unless specifically agreed upon with the examiner. Mobile phones may not be visible during the examination and must also be switched off for the duration of the exam.

Carefully fill in the identification information on the exam answer sheet: name, student code, group, course and exam recipient.

When leaving the exam, please return both answer and question papers to the invigilator. Be ready to prove your identity on request.

A student may participate in not more than two exams during the same examination occasion; the allotted time for the exam will not, however, be extended.

Students may take only one exam at a time, and will receive the questions for the next exam only after having returned the question and answer papers for the previous exam to the invigilator.

See also: how to take an examination on an EXAM online aquarium.


Cheating in an exam

If a student cheats in an examination, he or she will not be allowed to continue and will be failed. The invigilator must report any cheating observed to the exam recipient, the Director of the specialisation area in question and the Vice Rector. The Director and Vice Rector will decide on disciplinary measures having heard the student, the invigilator and the exam recipient.


Notification of examination results

The teacher must enter the exam results in the study record no later than one month after the examination.


Retention of examination results

The examination results will be kept for a period of six months after publication. Students must be given the opportunity to access the assessed exam answers. Students also have the right to a copy of their answer sheet.


Improving grades

Students may improve the grade of an examination already passed once during the study period pursuant to the scope of the study programme. A study unit grade may be raised with the same requirements within one year from the deadline of the last completed exam. If improvement is unsuccessful, the previous grade will remain valid.



A student who is dissatisfied with an assessment may request in writing rectification from the teacher who assessed the exam within 14 days of publication of the results.

A written request for rectification must be made to the Board of Examiners within 14 days of receipt of a written response from the teacher. Requests for rectification are submitted to the relevant Student Affairs' Office. The decision of the Board of Examiners may not be appealed.

Resit dates
 Resit time
Mon 26.8.2019
Mon 16.9.2019
Mon 21.10.2019
Mon 18.11.2019
Mon 9.12.2019
Mon 13.1.2020
Mon 10.2.2019
Mon 16.3.2019
Tue 14.4.2019
Mon 11.5.2020
Mon 1.6.2020


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