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Health care, Rovaniemi campus


Student health care services are arranged by the City of Rovaniemi. University of Applied Sciences students’ health care office is located in the city, address: Pohjolankatu 2, 96100 Rovaniemi (map).

From 28th August 2020: Office is located in the city,  Rinteenkulma Shopping Centre, address: Koskikatu 25, Rovaniemi.

Please, do not visit us if you have the flu, fever or cough. Visit us only when You are well!

COVID19 and respiratory infections

If you think that you may have been infected with the Coronavirus, follow these steps:

Call the Health Centre to make an appointment Mon - Thu: 8:00 - 16:00; Fri: 8:00 - 15:00
+358 (0)16 322 4600 / Urheilukatu Health Centre 
+358 (0)16 322 4610 / Pulkamontie Health Centre
+358 (0)16 322 4620 / Rinteenkulma Health Centre

Follow the instructions given to you on the phone. If you think you have been infected with the Coronavirus, select 1 corona.

At other times: +358 (0)16 322 4800 / Emergency care at Lapland Central Hospital.
Do not go to the Health Centre before calling them first.

The Health Centre operates a call-back system if they are too busy to answer your call.
Listen to the instructions and follow them.

Information on Coronavirus.

You can visit the health care nurse whenever you need help in matters related to your health and wellness or if you become ill. The health care nurse also conducts health examinations when needed and advises patients to visit a specialist, if necessary. Student health care also includes matters related to contraception, vaccinations and health advice related to travel. You can also visit the health care nurse to discuss mental health or substance abuse issues.

Student health care services include visits to the health care nurse, online visits and visits to the doctor. Doctor’s services are also provided by the health care centre’s health care teams. Emergency and first aid services are available at Lapland Central Hospital. Dental services are arranged by the City of Rovaniemi.

Visits to the health care nurse are free of charge. A health care centre fee is charged for visits to the doctor to treat an illness.

The goal is to view healthy habits of life as a positive resource in the everyday life of the student.

A foreign student who comes to Finland to study for at least two years is usually given a municipality of domicile in Finland and is thereby eligible to receive municipal health care services. Such a student should present proof of estimated study time to the Registry Office (certificate from Lapland UAS).

This information is needed to determine the foreign student’s municipality of domicile. If the municipality of domicile is Rovaniemi, the same health care centre services and fees apply to the student as to other residents of the municipality:

Health care centre annual fee: 27.40 €
Visit to the doctor: 13.70 €
Emergency clinic fee, 20:00-22:00 on weekdays and 8:00-22:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 18.80 €
Night time emergency clinic fee, 22:00-8:00: 27.40 € per visit
Uncancelled appointment: 33.80 €

Health care nurse

Minna Lohela (minna.lohela@rovaniemi.fi)
Doctor's services are available only in urgent and first aid emergency cases


Online service for student health services

This online service will allow students to contact a nurse via the Internet. More info (pdf-file, 16,2kB)


Reception of physicians

You can choose in which health center you'll make an appointment. There are three municipal Health Centres that provide medical care in Rovaniemi. You can choose which Center to use. You need to make an appointment when attending a Health Centre. There are also several private health centres in the city at which you can be treated even if you do not have access to public health care. 

The public Health Centres are open Mon-Thu: 8 am to 4 pm and Fri: 8 am to 3 pm. If you wish to see a doctor or a nurse, you must make an appointment in advance by telephone. Appointments for laboratory tests are made in advance through the NordLab online booking system. 

Rinteenkulma Health Centre & Laboratory
Address: Koskikatu 25 (3rd Floor)
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4620

Pulkamontie Health Centre & Laboratory
Address: Pulkamontie 4
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4610

Urheilukatu Health Centre
Address: Urheilukatu 5-7
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4600

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