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Dental care


Kemi-Tornio Campus

Municipal dental care is available only for the permanent citizens of Kemi and Tornio. However, the dental emergency duty in case of pain is available for other citizens of Finland and international students, too. EU-citizens must have their European Health Insurance Cards with them when coming to the clinics. Private dental clinics are available for everyone.


Reservations to the Kemi municipal dental clinic call tel. (0)16 259 769 Weekdays at 8.00 - 15.30, at other times tel. (0)16 259 700.

  • Karihaara dental clinic, Purolankatu 3
  • Syväkangas dental clinic, Kivalontie 19
  • Sauvosaari dental clinic, Kirkkopuistokatu 1 A 2



Please consult first the School Nurse of your department. Reservations to the Tornio municipal dental clinic call tel. 016 432 955.

  • Saarenhammas Dental Clinic in the town centre, Uusikatu 5
  • Kiviranta Dental Clinic at the Kiviranta Comprehensive School, Tapiolantie 8
  • Pudas Dental Clinic at the Pudas Health Centre, Pohjolankatu 7


NB! Do not forget to cancel the your appointment in case you cannot go! Otherwise you will have to pay a 51,40 euro-fine.


Rovaniemi Campus

The City of Rovaniemi ’s health care centre’s dentist’s services are available only in cases of an acute toothache. Appointments are made by phone, 016 322 4630.

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