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Peer tutoring

The aim of peer tutoring is to get new students to familiarize with the study environment, the practices of the Lapland UAS and student life. A student tutor usually has studied at least six months before becoming a tutor. Student tutors plan and implement activities and peer guidance for the student community. Activities can be implemented locally, virtually or something in between (hybrid). The goal of peer tutoring is to organize a variety of activities so all students can find friends and something nice to do on their free time. Whether it's for study, hobbies or even free time, you can always turn to your student tutor. At the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the student union ROTKO is responsible for training student tutors. Tutor training is held once a year, during February-April. The student tutoring period is a minimum one academic year from August, ending in May of the following year. More information on student tutoring can be found from the ROTKO website.

Tutors on Instagram

Tutors provide information on leisure-time matters concerning students and other matters related to student life through city-specific Instagram accounts. Track your accounts and keep track of what's going on in student life.

Local Instagram groups:





Student tutors

Each Lapland UAS unit Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi can be found student tutors ready to welcome and guide new students into student life. Tutors are experts in the student community, so don't hesitate to turn to a tutor in any matter. All tutors at the unit are willing to help and guide all students regardless of their own field of study. Tutors can be contacted by school email. The list tutors for the academic year 2023-2024 can be found on the Student Union website. In the corridors, you can recognize the tutor by the red hoodie and tutor lanyard of Lapland UAS.

Head tutors

The head tutor acts as close support for the tutors and meets the tutors regularly. She acts as a mentor for the tutor team and organises fun activities for the team from time to time to maintain work ability and team spirit. Head tutoris participate in the development of tutor activities and meet other members of the Head tutor’s working group.

Head tutors can act as contact persons in situations related to, for example, communication between the staff and tutors of the university.

All head tutors are trained for the work by the student union.

Ask more about head tutoring:

Niina Piispanen
Peer Guidance Specialist,

+358 (0) 40 550 4726

Interested in tutoring? Want to know more about tutoring? Contact the student union ROTKO!