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Tutoring is study guidance which aims at advancing and helping the student to improve one’s independent learning process. A tutor helps the student to achieve one’s goals and adjust in the academic school system.

Tutoring is in practise done by teacher tutors, student tutors and the Study Counsellor. A teacher tutor is a teacher who guides the students of the group s/he is in charge of. The departments may have different terms for this kind of person. Each new group will get their own student tutor, who advises the students of the group individually on their studies. They also introduce the school and the town and its services to the new students. You can contact your own student tutor whether it concerns studies or hobbies. For discussion of the content of a particular course, students should contact the teacher of the course.


Teacher tutor

  • helps familiarise the student with studying and the higher education community
  • supports the student in compiling and updating an individual study plan (ISP)
  • monitors the progress of the student’s studies.

Student tutor

  • is the student’s peer tutor
  • provides orientation to new students and participates in presentation work
  • participates in work group and student association activities.

    Guide for student tutors


Other counselling staff

  • teachers, heads of degree programmes and other staff members
  • teachers providing guidance in practical training and contact persons in practical training
  • international relations co-ordinator (matters related to international exchanges)
  • teachers providing guidance in thesis projects
  • open university of applied sciences
  • admissions office
  • international relations office
  • library and information services
  • study affairs offices
  • health care services
  • virtual studies support services
  • study counsellors


Student associations

  • Rotko student union
  • student associations in different fields of study




School social work and student councelling -service encourages and supports students with their studies and helps coping with big and small challenges or phases in student life (for example stress, motivation, loneliness, homesickness). For more information visit School social work and student councelling webpage or contact:

Kemi and Tornio campus

Ms Maria Sipilä
mobile +358 (0)40 847 4219

Rovaniemi Campus

Students of Social Services, Health and Sports, Industry and natural resources
Ms Paula Perttunen
mobile +358 404844243

Students of Business and culture, Travel and tourism
Ms Tuovi Honkela
mobile +358 403534276

School pastor

You can discuss spiritual matters with the school pastors regardless of your religion or conviction. You can talk with the pastors e.g. about

  • study or work difficulties
  • human relations complications
  • moral problems
  • religious issues
  • connection to the congregation.

Jani Koivusalo
tel. 040 582 0579

Heini Kesti
tel. 040 178 1018

Elina Rask-Litendahl
tel. 040 734 1575

Tuuli Kapraali
tel. 040 352 7366

Katja Konttajärvi
tel. 0400 496 402

Riikka-Sisko Tapojärvi
tel. 040 709 8112


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