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On this page, you can find information about entrance examination arrangements, student guidance and support services, and individual arrangements related to studies. The contact details of the accessibility contact person are available on the bottom of this page.

Entrance examination arrangements

Applicants may request individual arrangements for an entrance examination due to an injury, illness or other specific grounds. More information is available (in Finnish) at the national ammattikorkeakouluun.fi website. You may also directly contact the applicant services of the university of applied sciences for more information. 

>> start by opening the following form: Individual arrangements for an entrance examination for universities of applied sciences

Submit the completed form for individual arrangements for an entrance examination and its attachments to Lapland UAS applicant services:
Lapland University of Applied Sciences Applicant services Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi, or
as an encrypted email to: admissions Lapin AMK sähköposti

Sending encrypted email are through this link.

The following individual arrangements are not possible for entrance examinations:
Easier assignments
The right not to complete a specific part of the examination
Insufficient linguistic skills -> the right to use a dictionary
The use of a calculator in parts that test mathematical skills
The right to complete the examination on paper


Guidance and support services

At Lapland UAS, study guidance is provided by study counsellors. You can find your study counsellor’s information here.

Guidance and support are also provided by the support service staff, such as university social workers. University social workers also provide support for studies and neuropsychiatric coaching intended to support studies. The contact details of university social workers and more information about services are available here.

Healthcare services for students are provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Book an appointment at the FSHS website.

Also visit the Monenlaisia oppijoita -webpage (only in Finnish) of university social workers. There, you can find information about learning difficulties, neuropsychiatric disorders, factors related to mood, stress and anxiety, as well as sensory and physical disabilities.


Individual study arrangements

At Lapland UAS, individual study arrangements are carried out based on each student’s needs, such as a physical or psychological disability, injury, learning difficulties, anxiety, challenges in life management or various crises. Individual arrangements may be provided for a fixed term or throughout studies. Their content and form are based on each student’s needs, and their life and study situation. Support may be related to teaching and guidance situations, arrangements in the learning environment, or examinations. They may be teaching arrangements, different study materials or the use of various aids.


Applying for individual arrangements

  1. The application form for individual arrangements is available on the right-hand side of this page.  Attach an expert statement, such as a medical certificate or dyslexia diagnosis, with your application.
  2. Talk to your guidance counsellor about individual arrangements. Your guidance counsellor will help you to fill in the application.
  3. The expertise group manager decides on individual arrangements. Submit your application to the expertise group manager by post or by using encrypted email. Sending encrypted email are through this link.
  4. A decision will be sent to you via email.
  5. Contact the teachers, during whose study units you want to use individual arrangements.
  6. Check your individual study plan with your guidance counsellor to ensure that individual arrangements are included in the plan.


Accessibility Contact person

University Social Worker

Maria Sipilä

Tel.: +358 40 847 4219

Email: maria.sipila 

The form for individual study arrangements is here.

If you want to report a problem with the accessibility of the Lapland UAS website, contact us using the feedback form