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Student support services

Student Unions

SAMOKS’s goal is to defend the interests of UAS students comprehensively by supporting and serving student unions so that they have the best tools to advance the interests of the students at their own university. 

In Lapland UAS Student Union is called Rotko

Student Union can be found from every University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

As a vigilant watchdog of student affairs, student union's mission is to ensure that the students' voice is heard in all decision making which concerns studying itself and student life in general. Important objective is to maintain the student culture both at school and during free time. Because student life shouldn't be just hard work, several student association in the school, among with Student Union ROTKO, organizes various events and happenings throughout the school year.

All students of Lapland UAS can become full members of the Union by obtaining a student card. The same card offers various local and national discounts and student benefits. More info about ROTKO: www.lapinrotko.fi

Student card
Studying is the best time of life, and membership in a student union makes it easy for students to be part of their student community. Membership also involves a comprehensive package of services and discounts for students – you get access to a wide range of local and national discounts (e.g. train and bus tickets, student-priced meals etc.)!

Order your student card at http://www.lapinrotko.fi/en/Student-Card

You should order the card as soon as you accept your study place. That way, you avoid the busiest time in the autumn and get your card as soon as possible after starting studies. Be careful when selecting the educational institute to ensure your card gets to the right address!

The student card is also the membership card of Student Union ROTKO. You can join for an academic year or term at a time, after which the membership must be renewed. With a valid card, you can prove that you are a student at a university of applied sciences and a member of your student union, which gives you access to all the amazing student discounts and other perks!

You can learn more about joining and the delivery of your student card at the ROTKO website.

If you have any questions about membership or joining, please contact rotkoLapin AMK sähköposti

Financial aid is available from Kela for post-comprehensive school education.

While you are in school, you may be eligible for


Financial aid can be awarded for full-time study in an upper secondary school, vocational institution or institution of higher education. The amount of financial aid available depends on your age, your accommodation and the type of school you are enrolled in. It is also affected by your income and sometimes also by your parents’ and your spouse's income.

Financial aid for foreign students

If you are not a Finnish citizen, you may be entitled to financial aid with education in Finland if:

  • you are registered as a permanent resident of Finland in the population register system and
  • your purpose for residence in Finland is something other than education (for example, work, family ties or return migration).


If you are in Finland for the express purpose of attending school, you are not eligible for financial aid from Finland.

Permanent residence in Finland is determined by reference to the Municipality of Residence Act (kotikuntalaki/lagen om hemkommun, 201/1994). The purpose of residence in Finland is determined in different ways depending on one’s nationality.

For Further Information

Centre for Student Financial Aid
Mailing address
PO Box 228, 40101 Jyväskylä
Fax 020 634 6710
Phone service 020 692 209, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Tutoring is study guidance which aims at advancing and helping the student to improve one’s independent learning process. A tutor helps the student to achieve one’s goals and adjust in the academic school system.

Tutoring is in practise done by student tutors and the Study Counsellor. Each new group will get their own student tutor, who advises the students of the group individually on their studies. They also introduce the school and the town and its services to the new students. You can contact your own student tutor whether it concerns studies or hobbies. For discussion of the content of a particular course, students should contact the teacher of the course.

Study Counsellors
Study Counsellor guides you on your study path particularly in the following situations:
  • Initial phase of the studies
  • Special support needed in challenges related to learning and studying
  • At the end of the studies and graduation phase


Merja Hjulberg ja Sari Kähkönen: Sosiaaliala
Jaana Kauppi: konetekniikka, sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka
Erja Rahkola: Vanhustyö Annette Sjöman: Hoitotyö / Nursing


Tiia Ahola: Liikunta-ala
Susanna Kantola ja Hanna Lähde: Hoitotyö
Jaakko Lampinen: Rakennustekniikka ja maanmittaustekniikka
Veikko Maijala: Luonnonvara-alat
Hannele Niemi: Liiketalous ja International Business
Erja Rahkola: Fysioterapia
Tuija Syväjärvi: Matkailuala / Tourism
Sirpa Torvinen: Tieto- ja viestintätekniikka


Jaana Koivuranta: Kuvataide, liiketalous, tietojenkäsittely ja Business Information Technology

YAMK / Master Studies: 

     Outi Tieranta


Student tutor

For many, starting studies in a university of applied sciences, means entering a new situation in life. The most important factor that eases studying at the start is interaction with other people who are in the same situation. Student tutors provide support and information for studying and organize free time activities for the firs year students.

The purpose of student tutoring is to facilitate and support the new student’s integration into and orientation to the UAS community and the new situation in life. It is especially important for new students to meet their fellow students. The goal of tutoring is to awaken the student’s own activeness and reinforce interaction between the student and the staff of the Lapland UAS. The tutor acts as a bridge between the new student and the staff of the Lapland UAS.

Student Union ROTKO organize student tutor training once a year for students who are interested to become a student tutor. Follow the Student Union's web page to get more information about applying processes or you can ask more from your study counselor.

  • The purpose of tutoring is to:
  • Promote a new group’s bonding 
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Disseminate information
  • Familiarize new students with the UAS and student life
  • Arrange various events
  • Develop activities
  • Ensure the continuity of tutoring
List of student tutors

Guide for student tutors


Other counselling staff
  • teachers, heads of degree programmes and other staff members
  • teachers providing guidance in practical training and contact persons in practical training
  • international relations co-ordinator (matters related to international exchanges)
  • teachers providing guidance in thesis projects
  • open university of applied sciences
  • admissions office
  • international relations office
  • library and information services
  • study affairs offices
  • health care services
  • virtual studies support services
School social work and student councelling

School social work and student councelling -service encourages and supports students with their studies and helps coping with big and small challenges or phases in student life (for example stress, motivation, loneliness, homesickness). For more information visit student’s well-being services or contact:

Kemi campus

Ms Maria Sipilä
Mobile: +358 40 847 4219
e-mail: maria.sipila@lapinamk.fi 

Tornio campus

Ms Maria Sipilä
mobile +358 (0)40 847 4219
e-mail: maria.sipila@lapinamk.fi

Rovaniemi Campus

Ms. Sonja Komulainen
mobile: +358 40 593 3984
email: sonja.komulainen@lapinamk.fi

School pastor

You can discuss spiritual matters with the school pastors regardless of your religion or conviction. You can talk with the pastors e.g. about

  • study or work difficulties
  • human relations complications
  • moral problems
  • religious issues
  • connection to the congregation.


Jani Koivusalo
tel. 040 582 0579
e-mail: firstname.surname@evl.fi

Jan Pohjonen
tel. 040 186 0223
e-mail: firstname.surname@evl.fi

Milla Purosalo
tel. 040 358 6067
e-mail: firstname.surname@evl.fi

Oscar Toivanen
tel. 040 574 4496

Katja Konttajärvi
tel. 0400 496 402

Johanna Wennerström
tel. 040728 6911