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Working in Finland

Finding a job alongside your studies can be really challenging in Finland. Often workers are expected to speak at least the very basics of Finnish language. Lapland University of Applied Sciences does not offer jobs and is not obligated to find students any jobs. All students have responsibility for themselves to find a job. Please see more information below regarding working in Finland.


Citizens of the Nordic Countries

A citizen of a Nordic country doesn’t need a residence permit to work, live and study in Finland. However, it is necessary to register your new address at register office (Maistraatti), if your stay lasts longer than six (6) months.


EU/EEA citizens

As an EU/EEA citizen you have unrestricted right to work and study in Finland for less than three (3) months. If the stay lasts longer period of time, EU/ EEA citizen has to register for the right to reside in Finland at the local police station.


Non-eu citizens

As a non-EU citizen, you have right to work 25 hours a week during the academic term. When there is no teaching at the institution during holidays, it is possible to work full-time. You will need to get a residence permit before arriving to Finland in order to work.

For more information about working in Finland: