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Dental care

Dental care is available in the health care centers and in private dental care clinics. Lapland University of Applied Sciences students belong to the municipal student health care system. EU-citizens must have their European Health Insurance cards with them when coming to dental clinics. Dental clinics charge a fee for their services and the fee is determined by the Finnish government. Private dental clinics are available for everyone. Contact information for the public dental care services:


Dental care is arranged by the city of Rovaniemi and it is subject to charge. You can make an appointment to the dentist by calling, the number is 016 322 4630. Please keep in mind that you may have to wait a certain amount of time before getting to the dentist, which is defined in the statutory care guarantee.


Reservations at Kemi municipal dental clinics tel. 016 259 769 Mon–Fri at 8–15.30 hrs. At other time tel. 040 149 1340 (joint duty).

  • Karihaara dental clinic, Purolankatu 3
  • Syväkangas dental clinic, Kivalontie 19

Tornio city offers all students an opportunity to visit an oral hygienist once at school nurse premises. The oral hygienist counsels students on health issues and in case you need dental care, you will be offered an appointment for either inspection or treatment in municipal dental care. Please consult first the school nurse about your district.

  • Saarenhammas dental clinic, Uusikatu 5  

  • Kiviranta dental clinic, Kiviranta comprehensive School, Tapiontie 8  

  • Pudas dental clinic, Pohjolankatu 7 

Reservations at Tornio municipal dental clinics tel. 016 432 955 Mon–Fri at 8–15.00 hrs. At other time tel. 040 149 1340 (joint duty).
Mental health

For example difficult life situations can provide psychological and physical symptoms; friendships are neglected, personal welfare and hygiene are overlooked, hobbies are abandoned and a person does not show interest towards the things they have been interested in before. Help for mental health care problems are available from the health care services. Ask for more information from school nurse or school social worker.

Guide for adjusting to different cultures


Family planning

Help with family planning and contraception can be obtained at the health care center. Contraceptives are sold in pharmacies, shops and newsagents. Ask more advice from the school nurse.


Gynecology services

Gynecological check-ups you can ask from your local health care center or contact a private medical center. Women can request to have a female doctor. Pregnancy tests can be taken at health care centers or from pharmacy you can buy a home test.


Sexually transmitted diseases

If you suspect you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, contact local health care center or the school nurse.


If you are pregnant

Maternity clinic

The task of the maternity clinic is to foster the health and well-being of the pregnant woman, unborn and new-born child, as well as other family members awaiting the new arrival. Women should visit a maternity clinic as soon as they become pregnant or at least before the end of the 4th month of pregnancy. The clinic monitors the health of the mother and the child. They also organize classes for mothers and fathers where you can prepare yourself for the coming of the baby and learn how to take care of the new arrival. The services are free of charge for the customers of the clinic.


Children's clinic

Once the child has born, the doctors and nurses of the children´s clinic take care of the health and vaccinations of the child. Local health care center will provide you with more information on maternity and infant healthcare clinics.