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Emergency telephone number 112

In case of emergency for example lifethreatening situation, accident, fire or urgent police assistance call the emergency number of the emergency response centre: 112. You do not need an area code when calling the emergency number, not even from a mobile phone. Emergency calls are free of charge from all phones. Do not call the emergency number in the case of common illnesses. When calling 112, be sure to mention the following things:

  1. Your name.
  2. What has happened?
  3. Where has it happened?
  4. Are there people in danger?


Answer all questions calmly and hang up only after the emergency centre has given you a permission to do so. More information can found in the Emergency response centre administration website

A useful glossary:

Help = Apua
Emergency = Hätätilanne
Emergency number = Hätänumero
Emergency call = Hätäpuhelu
Emergency response centre (ERC) = Hätäkeskus
Call 112 = Soita 112
Address = Osoite
Telephone = Puhelin
Child = Lapsi
Adult = Aikuinen
Elderly person = Vanhus
Ambulance = Ambulanssi
Fire service = Palokunta
Police = Poliisi
Accident = Onnettomuus
Fire = Tulipalo
Hospital = Sairaala
Sudden attack of illness = Sairaskohtaus
Traffic accident = Kolari or liikenne onnettomuus
Assault = Pahoinpitely
Theft = Varkaus