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Health care services

Student healthcare fee

Students attending a university of applied sciences who are entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) are required to pay a healthcare fee to Kela for each academic term. All students who are registered as attending for the current term and are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree are entitled to FSHS services.

If you are entitled to FSHS services, you must pay the student healthcare fee. You can't be exempted from paying the fee for any reason.

You are not billed for the student healthcare fee but must make sure to pay it in OmaKela for each academic term. How to pay the student healthcare fee.

The due date for paying the student healthcare fee is 30 September for autumn term and 31 January for spring term every academic year.

Public health care

In Finland the public health care services are organized by the municipalities. As a student you are able to use the public health care services in Finland if you have a municipality of residence in Finland. Public health care services are financed through tax revenue and are quite cheap for customers. Source: infopankki.fi

As a student of Lapland UAS, you are entitled to use the services of the student health care nurse. The nurse counsels students on health issues and gives advice in case of illness. The school nurse can write certificates of illness for a short time. She will also give the first aid in sudden emergencies. School nurses services are available during the academic year and on weekdays. Check your own school nurses appointment times from links below. Student nurse’s services are free of charge, but you are charged Health Centre fee from medical doctor appointments.

In case you have any chronic deceases or medical allergies the school nurse recommends you to contact her as soon as possible after your arrival. You may make an appointment via phone or email. The school nurse has recommended that all students would have the following vaccinations before arriving to Finland: polio, tetanus-diphtheria and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations. You are not able to have the vaccinations in Finland except tetanus and influenza vaccinations.

Take your recipe and English descriptions with you if you have any regular medication. This helps you to continue your care in Finland.


EU/EAA- citizens

If you are an EU-citizen, remember to obtain your European Health Insurance card and show it when you are using health care services. Show the card even if you are not asked.


Citizen of Nordic Countries

As a citizen of the Nordic countries, you can prove your entitlement for medical treatment with identity card. You can also obtain European Health Insurance card.


Non-EU- citizen

Non-EU citizen has to have a valid health insurance that covers for medical treatment in Finland. Remember that you have to register at the local Register Office in order to get the public health care services at the same price as the locals! To read more about the insurance, go to www.migri.fi and www.kela.fi.


Health care centers

Health care centers are usually open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. To make an appointment you should call the health center in the morning as soon as it opens. When you call to the appointment desk, the nurse will make an evaluation of medical treatment. The nurse will ask you questions concerning your case and make the decision whether you need to see a doctor, a nurse or the nurse can give you care instructions by phone and ask you to contact them later if the situation has not improved in couple of days. Source: infopankki.fi



A doctor’s order is usually required if you are in need of tests or treatment in hospitals, except in cases of an emergency. If you need the services of a specialist, you need to book an appointment first with a general practitioner. The general practitioner will write you an order for a specialist. Hospital patients must pay a share of the costs of the treatment. Note that Health care centers are closed in the evenings and weekends.



Medicines are sold in pharmacies (apteekki). Please note that a doctor’s prescription is required for certain medicines. Some medicines are sold without a prescription.

School social worker

The school social worker (kuraattori) encourages students in their studies and helps them cope with big and small problems in life (stress, frustration, loneliness, homesickness or related hardships) private discussions with the social worker are strictly confidential. There are also group meetings where students can meet their peers and exchange experiences. If you find yourself in any distressing situation, do not hesitate to contact the school social worker for assistance and support. You may arrange an appointment with the school social worker by e-mail or phone.

School Social Worker

Ms Maria Sipilä

Tietokatu 1, Kemi (Kosmos)
Kauppakatu 58, Tornio (Minerva)
mobile +358 (0)40 847 4219
e-mail: maria.sipilasähköposti.jpg

Students of Industry and natural resources:

Ms Paula Perttunen
Jokiväylä 11, Rovaniemi
mobile +358 404844243
email: paula.perttunen@lapland.fi

Students of Business and Culture; Travel and Tourism; Health and Sports

Ms Tuovi Honkela
Jokiväylä 11, Rovaniemi
mobile +58 403534276