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Mobile phones in Finland

There are not public phones available in the Lapland region, as almost everybody has a mobile phone. If you are planning to bring along a mobile phone from your home country, note that there might be some difficulties to use it in Finland due to the incompatibility with Finnish SIM cards (especially prepaid cards). To avoid these difficulties you might consider buying a second hand mobile phone in Finland. The prices for used mobile phones start from 5 € and new ones from 40 €.

The easiest way to get a mobile phone connection is to buy a prepaid subscription. You can purchase prepaid SIM cards at e.g. R-kioski and shops selling mobile phones. However, the rates for phone calls are a bit more expensive than if you have a monthly mobile subscription. Alternatively, you can open a mobile phone connection (monthly subscription) through several GSM service providers in Finland: e.g. Telia, Elisa, DNA, Saunalahti. It is always worthwhile to check the services and fees, as they may vary a lot between different operators. As a foreigner you are required to have a Finnish Id number and credit information or to pay a deposit of 300–600 € to obtain your own SIM card.

If you have an internet connection, it may be cheaper to make international calls via VOIp providers like Skype or VoipDiscount. You can get help with these matters from your student tutors.

If you call from outside Finland you should dial the international access code (often 00), the Finnish country code 358 and then leave out the first zero (in parenthesis). When you call within Finland, leave out the country code 358 and add the zero given in parenthesis.



You might not have Internet connection in your dormitory or apartment in Kemi, Rovaniemi and Tornio. Prepaid internet connections are very easy way to purchase your own internet connection. You can get help with these matters from your student tutors.

TV and Radio

You can follow Finnish TV on internet




Foreign movies and series are not dubbed in Finland!

Listening to a radio is free of charge. The national broadcasting company YLE provides news and information in English at https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/

Postal services

You can buy stamps at post offices, kiosks and some stores. A standard letter or postcard can be mailed at post service points/post office or dropped into orange or blue-colored mailboxes (if available) in the town. If you use the orange-colored mailbox your letter will be send as 1st class letter and if you use blue-colored mailbox your letter will be send as 2nd class letter. The 2nd class letter is cheaper to post but it will take two weekdays for the letter to arrive to the recipient. In 1st class, it will take only one weekday for the letter to reach the recipient. You can ask for more details at your nearest post service point/post office or from the internet. Incoming mail is delivered to your address Monday through Friday. There are no deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or on public holidays.

For further information go to the website of the Finnish Post: www.posti.fi.