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Accommodation in Kemi and Tornio

Accommodation in Rovaniemi

Private Accommodation 

General Information on Accommodation

Accommodation in Kemi and Tornio

Lapland University of Applied Sciences does not have dormitories in Kemi and Tornio, the apartments has to be rented by private sector. Worth contacting:

Exchange students apply the accommodation in Kemi or Tornio by filling in the application for accommodation in Kemi-Tornio. The form has to be attached to the SoleMOVE application.

More information
Study coordinator, accommodation officer
Marja-Leena Jyrkäs


Accommodation in Rovaniemi

It is highly recommended to arrange accommodation before arriving to Finland. The student housing fills up quickly at the beginning of each semester. Therefore it is very important to be on time with your accommodation application. Keep in mind that staying at a hotel is expensive in Finland.



Domus Arctica-säätiö (DAS) is a Student Housing Foundation that offers accommodation in the city of Rovaniemi for Finnish and foreign students. DAS apartment buildings are situated in four different parts of the city, at approximately of 3,5 kilometer radius from premises of Lapland UAS. The areas are called Kuntotie, Asemarinne, Rantavitikka and Anninportti. You can find more information about DAS accommodation and the housing areas at www.das.fi

All foreign and Finnish students can apply for accommodation in DAS apartments continuously. Majority of these apartments are not furnished. The applications are handled in “first come, first served” basis so it is highly important to apply as soon as possible. Firstyear students always have priority in August and September. Please remember that in autumn DAS receives many more applications than there are apartments available.


There are three types of apartments to choose from: studios, family apartments and shared apartments.

DAS has furnished apartments which are reserved for exchange students in the Kuntotie area. In shared apartments you either have a single bedroom or share a double bedroom with another person. You share the kitchen, bathroom and toilet with apartment’s other residents that are the same gender as you.

The prices vary depending on the area and the type of flat. For example, in Kuntotie rent varies from approx. 87 €-320€/ month/ person. Keep in mind that you will have to pay also utility fee (water and electricity) of 20 € and possibly monthly furniture payment which varies.

In the furnished apartments the rooms contain basic furniture: a bed, mattress, desk, ceiling lamp, wardrobe and chair. The kitchen contains a kitchen table, chairs, an oven/stove and fridge/freezer. Please note that there are no dishes, cleaning equipment, cutlery, cooking utensils, curtains, pillows, blankets, sheets or towels in the rooms.

Information about application process

Exchange students

Application for housing has to be in the DAS office at the latest on 25 June for the autumn semester, submitted directly to DAS office by using their online application form. The spring semester deadline is at the latest of November. Please keep in mind that sometimes it is impossible to get housing option you wanted and you might be offered a different kind of option.

Degree students

The applications are stored in the order of arrival. Only the date matters, the time of day is not relevant. The apartments are assigned according to the waiting list. There is shorter waiting list for the shared apartments; you might have to wait a one year to get a studio. Be prepared to answer within deadline when you get an offer of an apartment.

DAS contact information

Domus Arctica -säätiö
Ylikorvantie 28 A
FI–96300 Rovaniemi, Finland

Open on weekdays 9.00 - 15.00 and the first and last working day of every month 8.00 - 16.00

Email: dasaspa@das.fi
Internet: www.das.fi (online application)

Please note that these 0207-starting phone
numbers are chargeable:
Tel. +358 20 7699 180
Fax +358 20 7699 188
phone 8,21 snt/call + 6,9 snt/min
mobile 8,21 snt/call + 14,9 snt/min

For all issues related to DAS accommodation, please contact DAS customer service directly: dasaspa@das.fi

Other options

It is also possible to look for an apartment from the city of Rovaniemi, estate agencies or the private sector. Usually the apartments are unfurnished. It is possible to get low price furniture from secondhand shops.

Private apartments rent vary depending on the condition of the apartment and the area nearby. Apartments are usually more expensive in the city centre and in the Viirinkangas-Rantavitikka area than, e.g in Ounasrinne or Korkalovaara. It is also possible to rent an apartment together with friend or friends. For more information, please check www.vuokraovi.com Lumo and www.kas.fi.


Private accommodation

You can also rent an apartment from a private owner. The rent for a single room (studio) apartment is approximately 300– 400 €/ month and for two rooms + kitchen 350–500 €/month. Usually you are requested to pay a deposit of 1–3 months’ rent.

Please note that every tenant must sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord. Only one person can live in an apartment per tenancy agreement. The tenant has no right to let people who are not mentioned in the tenancy agreement live in the flat without the landlord’s (for example DAS) permission. Your friends are not allowed to live in your apartment. You will lose your tenancy agreement and the right to live in your apartment if you do not follow the tenancy agreement. In case of questions, always contact the housing office.

If you have not agreed with your student-tutor about your arrival at the dormitory, it is important to make arrangements to get the keys to your accommodation! Be sure to contact your landlord well in advance so he/she knows when you will come to pick up keys. If you are going to DAS accommodation, see the opening hours of the DAS housing office to get your keys. Also remember to have all the necessary documents with you.

Depending on the furniture and other furnishings in the dormitories, it may be a good idea to take a sleeping bag with you. The first days can be quite busy, and it may take a day or two before you have time to go shopping. There are some second-hand shops in Rovaniemi where you can buy dishes, curtains, etc. at a lower price. Your student-tutor will help you locate all the necessary shops.


General information on accommodation

Rights and responsibilities of tenants

  • The rent is payable by the agreed date of each month.
  • The tenant is responsible for any damage to the property. This includes damage caused by visitors of the tenant.
  • Follow the house rules and regulations, which in blocks of flats are usually placed on the wall in the vicinity of the main entrance.
  • Tenancy agreements must be terminated in writing. The property must be vacated within one month of the termination of the tenancy agreement. Normally one month prior to departure.


Rights and responsibilities of property owners

  • The property owners is responsible for the maintenance of the property but not for the damage caused by the tenant.
  • The property owners can terminate the tenancy agreement only in writing and an acceptable reason must be given for it.
  • The property owners can evict the tenant if the tenant has not paid the rent for the property or is continuously acting in a socially irresponsible manner.

Living in a rental apartment

Living together with another student can be an experience. It provides you with many possibilities to learn different cultures. It is also a possibility to make lifelong friendships and it can give you lots of good memories from the time you spend here in Finland. When you take care of each other’s wishes and hopes, living together will work out just great! Different manners and different cultures will not create problems if you are willing to be flexible. The regulations for living will guide you and your room mate. Here are also a couple of tips for making living more comfortable.

Get to know your room mate. Talk and make together some basic rules for living, for example visitors, listening music etc. Cleaning the common areas is every tenant’s responsibility (kitchen, hall, toilet and bathroom). One good way is make cleaning shifts. After using the kitchen and bathroom always clean it after use. For example, wash the dishes after use. Take care of the garbage also. Because of health reasons the garbage bag has to be taken to the waste shelter immediately when it gets full. Garbage is not allowed to be kept indoors, not in the flat or in the stairway. This also prevents bad smells and makes the flat more cozy! And please, respect your roommate’s property.

If you do not pay your rent in time, the property owner can terminate your rental agreement and you’ll have to move.  

Notice of moving

If you stay in Finland for longer than a month, you have to submit an official Notice of moving (muuttoilmoitus: www.posti.fi/changeaddress/) to local register office (maistraatti) within one week after your arrival to Finland. You should make this Notification of moving every time you change your residence in Finland and also when you move out of Finland.

It is important to notify the Post Office (Posti) of your moving so that your mail will be delivered to the right place. The forms for notification are available at post offices, register offices and police stations. Posti will forward all mail addressed to the old address of a person who has filed a change of address notification for one month free of charge. Posti will send you automatically a letter where they offer you a service of redirection of all postal items for 12 months. This service is subject to a charge and it is voluntary.

When you move out:

  • Give notice to the property owner one month before you move out.
  • Notify the local register office of your moving by filling in the online form at www.posti.fi/changeaddress. You can also get the form in the register office in your town or local post office. More information: www.vrk.fi.
  • Return the keys to the property owner or caretaker.
  • Fill in the form registering changes of address in the post office. Post offices have free post cards which you can send to your friends and family to inform of your new address. More information: www.posti.fi.
  • Remember to change the address to the WinhaWille Student Administration System of the school. Also it is a good idea to inform the library and banks of your new address.
  • Clean the flat before you move out. If the property owner has to clean your flat after you move out, it will bill you for the cleaning costs.

Find out:

  • How to use the apartment key (how to lock and unlock the doors). And take care of the key. If you lose the key or lock yourself outside the apartment, it costs to call the janitor to open the apartment door!
  • How the fridge is working.
  • How the oven/stove works.
  • How to use the washing machine in the laundry room.
  • Where are the garbage cans.


  • Notice silence (usually between 22.00 – 7.00)