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weather and clothing

Finland goes through four seasons each year. When temperatures easily vary from -30C to +30C during the year, you have to be prepared for each season with certain clothing. The prices of clothes are relatively high in Finland, so it is recommended to pack with you suitable clothing. If you’re missing some of the essentials, you can purchase them from clothing shops and second-hand shops at your town. Check from the following chapters, what are the essential pieces of clothing during your stay at Finland.



Wintertime (November- April) can be very cold time of the year in Finland- especially in Lapland. Temperatures are most of the time below zero and temperatures such as -20C and -30C are quite normal from December to March. Sometimes it can get even colder! That is why you should really prepare yourself with warm clothing. You should at least have quilted jacket or windproof coat with warm lining, insulated shoes, a warm hat and gloves.

One good tip is to wear clothes in layers. The air between the layers will help you to keep warm. For example you can wear underwear with long sleeves and legs and put regular clothing on top of it. Don’t forget your winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf. When it is really cold, you might want to add insulated trousers to the list. It is always good to have wool sweater and warm socks, just in case the temperature drops down.

Example of dressing in winter

First layer

  • Underwear with long sleeves and legs
  • Socks

Second layer

  • Trousers Woolen Jumper/Fleece

Third layer

  • Winter Trousers and Jacket (quilted)
  • Scarf


  • Hat (wool, quilted material or fur cap), Head without cover will give off 80% of your bodyheat.


  • Gloves or mittens (wool, quilted material, leather with lining)


  • (Wool)socks and winter shoes (thick bottom and lining), Remember that the shoes should be big enough to move your toes. Always use dry socks and shoes!


Autumn and spring

During autumn and spring temperatures are usually below + 10 C but above zero. It can be warmer during May and August and then you can sometimes wear trousers and t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt. Windproof jacket is a good piece of clothing for both seasons. Prepare yourself for rain and puddles of water with umbrella/raincoat and a pair of rain boots.

Summertime gives you a chance to wear t-shirt and shorts, because the weather is usually sunny and quite warm. Naturally occasional rain showers and thunderstorms may occur. Daytime temperature can often be around +20-25C and usually temperatures drop down during night. The warmest month is July. Please keep in mind that summer nights in Lapland can be full of light, because at the time of the midnight sun the sun stays above the horizon.